View Full Version : Asus ROG Delta Headphones MIC problem

02-12-2021, 07:06 PM
Recently, when I use the voice chat in any game after every first boot my pc/laptop, headphone mic is really low. Repluging it fixes the problem, doesn`t matter if I use usb C or the adapter extension (normal usb3.0/2.0). Is this problem fixable or I have to unplug the connector and plug it every time I boot my pc ? I have all new drivers available installed, newest version of windows, bios, everything possible. Overal the headphones are 10/10, except this little problem that I have :o

2) I installed sonic studio and now my sound effects are not working in armoury crate. I reinstalled drivers, programs, rebooted my system couple times, changed the usb cable (usb c), nothing works.... Now I can`t change Sound Optimization stuff - nothing is working. virtual surround, equalizer, bass boost etc. Please someone tell me how can I fix this ? I even reinstalled the firmware of the headset-same....

02-16-2021, 08:10 PM

03-31-2021, 08:59 AM
no solution till today