View Full Version : Random post failures Ryzen 3700X C6H

02-16-2021, 03:28 PM
Hi all!

I just upgraded from my 1600X to a 3700X on my Crosshair VI Hero mobo. First boot up went alright, I did notice the fans stopped spinning a few times but eventually it posted. But right after it became a hell and didn't want to post anymore. Flashed a new bios using the rear usb port (it was already running the latest bios) and then it worked again.
But then it did the same again, usually stopping at qcode "8". In the manual I find "08" for: "System Agent initialization after microcode loading"
I have no idea what this could mean, but after either resetting it or flipping the PSU power switch off for 30s usually fixes it and it posts again. After that the system works as expected. But after any reset or shutdown it could happen again. Also the post times are always a lot longer with my cpu fan sometimes going off a couple of times, even if it posts correctly right after.

It doesn't make my setup unusable but it is very irritating and probably shouldn't happen. Any advice on how to fix this issue?