View Full Version : Strix X399-e fan stopped and heat up issues

03-07-2021, 07:05 AM
I got the problem about Fan management by Asus Mainboard STRIX x399-e
*I use Corsair Air 740 case with 3x 140 Case Fans
And added 2x Noctua 140 fans
And TT Floe Riing RGB 360 for CPU
*When Im use my pc for a while (even A/C turned on and off) all function and temperature working so good with AI SUITE 3 fan auto tune then suddenly COV FAN Turns on and has very noisy sound. In the meantime, Some of Chasis fan has stopped but COV FAN getting more noisy. And then later all Fan has stopped and my pc becomes spike lag and temperature monitor shows that every heating up eventually My PC has shutdown It has happened so many time for years even I downloaded all latest Drivers/Bios by Asus and all Related drivers

*Ps. I notice this will happen when COV fan turn on then everything will be the same like i said

*I tried to use AI SUITE 3 Fan auto tune after I heard COV fan turned on. When I press auto tuning button its getting more worse by stopping all fan and heat up them shut down! Thank you in advance if anyone could help me solve this problems