View Full Version : Armory Crate overriding Lian Li Uni Fan Controller. Both fan control and argb.

03-10-2021, 04:14 PM
Relevant specs:

Mobo: RoG X570-E
Armoury Crate
Fans: Lian Li Sl120 Unifan (x10) w/ Lian Li Unicontroller and L-Connect software.

Lian Li recently issued a firmware patch for their Unicontroller to go with an update to the L-Connect software. After updating both items, I was, as before, able to have separate control over both the Unifans RPMs and Argb settings for about 20 minutes until something causes the Armory Crate settings to suddenly override and assume control over the fans. The fans are stuck on pwm control as well as the same argb colors as the mobo, aio, and ram as set in Armory Crate.

I have the motherboard software sync setting in L-Connect set to off. I've tried uninstalling both software packages/reinstalling, rolling back to the previous version of L-Connect, a full system restore point rollback. Every method results in control being restored to the Lian Li software for about 20 minutes after boot up until it reverts to Armoury crate again. I feel as if I've narrowed this down to being a problem with Armoury Crate because if I install the Lian Li stuff without installing Armoury Crate, it works just fine and remains that way.

Any ideas?