View Full Version : Strix B550-F (WiFi) - AC'97 Audio Support

03-21-2021, 01:20 AM
The B550-F (WiFi) MB has an AAFP (HD) front panel audio header. I have an older, AC'97 case.

Is there any reason why I can't connect the AC'97 leads to the HD AAFP header? Fortunately, my AC'97 leads from the front of the case are all separate; i.e., I have 5 separate leads. One set of the AC'97 leads is for the headphone (Ground, L and R), and the other is for the Mic (Pwr and Mic2). So I don't have an issue of the connector not fitting (or fitting, but with the wrong pin-out).

I Google'd it, and found that some Asus MBs have an option in BIOS (HD vs AC'97), but I have not seen such an option in the B550-F BIOS. See, for example, https://superuser.com/questions/640931/what-is-aafp-socket-on-motherboard/640943. But I assume that the BIOS option only changes what output is connected to what pin; since I can connect the pins one-by-one, that isn't an issue for me.