View Full Version : Pros / cons of sidestepping Armoury Crate

03-26-2021, 01:25 AM
Greetings. Owner of a new Strix G732LWS that I'm configuring as digital audio workstation (running Ableton). Armoury Crate ( seems to be doing well for me, though its no longer showing CPU temp, which is annoying but not something I'm too worried about. What I am interested in, as I begin working through some of the standard Win10 tweaks for DAW machines is whether or not managing power profiles through Armoury Crate provides any benefit or if I'm fine simply setting it to "Windows" and managing my profiles through Win10 directly.

It does seem like "Turbo" in AC operates differently than setting AC to Windows and setting the Turbo profile in win10 directly. Specifically, it seems like AC/Turbo maxes out the fan immediately, whereas AC/Windows + Win10/Turbo does not.

Is that correct? And is there anything else AC does power-related beyond simply setting the Windows power profile?