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03-31-2021, 08:43 PM
Hey guys, I’m having an issue with this new router, Ideally I’d want my Wifi6 compatible Rog notebook alone on the 5ghz_1 band with 160mhz enabled, however I’m only getting 1 bar signal going through 2 walls at roughly 15feet away. The results are speeds about half of those of the 5ghz_2 from the same location, although about 50% still higher than the 2.4ghz.

The way I have it setup are all cell phones and tablettes on the 5Ghz_2 which all run great at or higher than my ISP speed (450). Everything else is on the 2.4ghz which runs around 200-250. Then I have the 160mhz 5ghz_1 dedicated to my Rog laptop (wifi6 compatible), however the speeds and signal on this radio are very poor, disabling 160mhz does nothing and switching back and forth between the 2 5ghz bands shows staggering differences.

The 5ghz_1 gets around 300 with a poor signal strength, the 5ghz_2 gets 450 with a strong signal.

What’s up with these differences? Why is 1 band so much faster and stronger than the other? What’s the point of having a 2nd 5ghz band if it’s damn near unusable unless you have a direct line of sight of the router? Kind of defeats the purpose of having a tri-band if you can’t use one of them, and it’s the only one that can use 160mhz too? Might aswell pay less for a 5400 tri-band, no wifi6 but you can actually use all 3 bands.

Sometimes the 5ghz_1 doesn’t even show up in my list of connections.*
**Thank you!*

03-31-2021, 09:04 PM
The 5G_1 radio is a 2x2 radio and uses the 160 MHz bandwidth. I will normally, when close to the router, get a 2402/2402 Mbps Link speed.

There is always a chance something is faulty, but lets hope not. Do you have any other Wi-Fi 6 capable devices, like phones?

The ability for a 5 GHz signal to travel large distances and penetrate walls is less then the 2.4 GHz band. So you might move the laptop around and change it orientation to the router to see if the signal strength increases from location to location.. Once you verify what link speed you get when in close proximity to the router, maybe we can look for other causes.

03-31-2021, 09:31 PM
Thank you for the quick reply, my test where done without moving the laptop. No I do not have any other wifi6 devices, but the speed and signal problems are the same via my other devices.

So its normal for the 5-1 to have a much weaker signal than the 5-2? And the 5-1 is the only one that can run 160mhz?

So if my router is in an isolated room that band is unusable? Might as well turn it off, would doing so benefit the 2 other bands?

Basically you can only use the 160mhz radio if the device is stuck to the router? That’s... less than ideal.

Wondering if I should just get a cheaper 5400 router.*

04-01-2021, 01:41 AM
It is not normal for the 5.1 to have a weak signal, just a little weaker over more distance or obstructions than the 2.4. The 5._1 and nd 5_2 should have the same signal strength.

04-23-2021, 06:48 AM
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