View Full Version : How to enable PCIe 4.0 on Maximus XII Extreme?

04-05-2021, 06:31 PM
Hey guys, just picked up my 11900k and under the PCIe setting I just see Gen 1,2, and 3? I was able to enable the Gen 4 for the video card slot?

04-05-2021, 09:46 PM
I don't know about your board but only the PCIe16_1 and 2 were PCIe 4..

After I set mine up, I decided to try the Z590.. If you have the 3DMark Benchmark, you might want to run the PCIe bandwidth test. I did not do that on mine because I wasn't aware it had that benchmark..

04-06-2021, 07:11 PM
The PCIE slot runs at Gen 4 with 11900K with 2002 and later bios. https://www.asus.com/microsite/motherboard/Intel-Z490/
You should run at PCIE 4.0. I agree, please run Furmark or 3Dmark and it will show it run at PCIE 4.0