View Full Version : Armoury Crate- Aura Sync CPU Temp Control

04-08-2021, 01:14 AM
Hello, I picked up the Asus Zephyrus M15 GU502LW-BI7N6 a few months ago and I'm loving it more and more as I adjust it to my likings. I need help. When I go into Armoury crate- Aura Sync- Aura effects and click "Smart" to engage CPU temperature monitoring via keyboard color, I can't find a setting to have it stop pulsing the threshold color it's in. I would absolutely love this feature but the pulsing LED of the keyboard is going to drive me bananas. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

For reference, I am using Armoury Crate version, and keyboard firmware version 2.5.2.