View Full Version : Aura Sync + Razer Chroma

04-11-2021, 04:09 PM
i Cant synchronize Aura Sync devices with razer chroma.
anyone knows how to fix that?

04-12-2021, 02:47 AM
Unfortunately they aren't compatible. If you want to synch anything with AURA it has to be an asus product with the exception of strips. Everyone wants to keep their stuff working only with their stuff. The only exception is Corsair Ique has a plugin the will work with most ASUS MOBOs that you jsut have to install the last verion of AURA but dont launch it so the ASUS lighting service is running. Corsair has good stuff, I dumped my ASUS core keyboard and Spatha mouse and bought a Corsair K100 and corsair dark core rgb pro mouse. I actually like them better and they sync. Hell I even had issues getting ASUS products to work with AURA which has now been dumped in favor of armory crate. ASUS make great hardware but the software just plain sucks.

04-12-2021, 04:29 PM
i thought aura sync worked for some period of time with razer chroma .. why they disable so nice feature..
asus lighting service dosent work with z590 gaming E , error occured.

04-13-2021, 03:27 AM
Aura/armory crate has never worked without bugs since day one. It never worked on a razor keyboard for me though multiple versions. I gave up after a few years of bugs.

07-01-2021, 08:44 PM
Everyone wants to keep their stuff working only with their stuff.

And that's the problem. Since RGB control is software, and you can't build a computer that is 100% one brand, I think that brands NEED to work together to make their RGB programs communicate with eachother.