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Cool Barn
04-13-2021, 10:30 AM
Hello friends (and my one enemy - you know who you are),

As per thread https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?123353-Rog-Strix-Z590-E-Gaming-Wifi-sound-issue , unfortunately problems still remain.

The good news is that replacing the DAC has led to perfect sound, with no hiccups and disconnects every 10 seconds.

The bad news is that now the perfect sound only lasts anywhere from five minutes to two hours, and then is replaced by a terrible, static white-noise.

The funny thing is that audio doesn't even have to be playing through my speakers - I have a website that I keep open to use as an alarm clock. Even if I have the alarm set for 12 hours' time, out of the blue the static will burst out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of me and waking me up well and truly before 12 hours have elapsed.

As soon as I close that tab - the noise stops. But then ANY sound played will be just static white noise, be it a Youtube video, or even just a Windows notifying event noise.

If I reboot the computer, or momentarily change the default sound device, then it will fix the problem. Until it randomly starts again, five minutes to two hours later.

I solved the problem by purchasing a PCI-e sound card. Seriously, it's like I have Marty McFlyed back to 2003; I didn't think I would ever see the phrase "sound blaster" in my device manager ever again. But come on Asus - I purchased a $650 motherboard, and now I have to spend hundreds more (of course I "needed" a Creative AE-7 card) just to get audio that works???

Disgraceful quality control by Asus. The optical out doesn't work, and the NIC isn't recognised by Windows on a clean install. I can't even get as good an overclock on this z590 board as I could on my former Gigabyte Z490 board.

For years I swore to people that the best setup you can get, is an Asus board using an Intel chipset. Now I just swear AT the boards :(

04-16-2021, 06:48 AM
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