View Full Version : Armory Crate somtimes locks GPU Clock/TDP at idle (Strix Scar 17 G733qs)

04-20-2021, 04:45 PM
On a laptop (Strix Scar g733qs) under some conditions, which always include not running any graphical-heavy apps since boot, and others that I do not yet understand, GPU clock is locked at idle value (500-700 MHZ, 50-60 Watts). It can be fixed by restarting system, it can be fixed by fiddling with GPU Power Saver slider (moving from side to side and applying once or twice), and it can be prevented by enabling "Prefer maximum perfomance" in Nvidia Control Panel, but I do not need perfomance mode's frequences most of the time. It seems like an Armory Crate problem since fiddling with GPU Power Save unlocks GPU, but it also can be Nvidia drivers problem. I reinstalled all AMD and NVidia drivers, Armory Crate and MyAsus like Asus support recommended, but problem still persists. Has anyone encountered same problem, and if so maybe there is known solution?