View Full Version : Chakram joystick dead-zones + calibration tools ?

04-22-2021, 10:41 AM

I have a problem when using the Chakram joystick in Digital (4 ways) mode : the joystick is not well calibrated and doesn't execute command properly.
Theoretically, the whole circle should be divided into quarters like a cake. However this is not quite the case, for instance the "top" move (NUM 1 in my picture) has a very narrow field of action so it often triggers either NUM 0 or NUM 2 instead (see enclosed picture).
So NUM 1 is practically unusable in this mod.

Usually they are tools to re-calibrate joysticks, but armory crate does not provide such tools, nor allow to set dead-zones.
As anyone encountered this problem ?
Is Asus going to provide such tools in the future ? I think it's pretty much a must have for joysticks controllers.

Thank you very much.


01-10-2022, 04:24 PM
Given the limited "advanced" support for this mouse I'd say RMA it and get a new one. I doubt you'll find a solution for your issue, the joystick might be faulty from the factory