View Full Version : asus rog maximus xiii hero cpu package heat problem

04-27-2021, 04:42 AM
i just got a asus rog maximus xiii hero and i know the chipset temp is high and also the cpu package is also high 60-90c not sure what the cpu package is, have aio cooler on cpu it it fine.

04-28-2021, 03:06 AM
Package is the rest of the chip that handles the I/O and memory controller. if you are using auto OC then it may be putting to much juice on the uncore voltage. I have mine overclocked on an X299 which still has the same verbage in the BIOS but its actuallt called mesh on this platform. My package temp with the OC runs right there with the hottest of 18 cores. All manual settings.

Silent Scone@ROG
04-28-2021, 06:00 AM

The package temperature represents the average core temperature as reported by the internal sensors over a predefined period