View Full Version : Rog Strix Flare frequently stops working on alienware M15

05-03-2021, 08:59 PM
Ok this is getting kind of ridiculous.
I bought this keyboard less than a year ago. It was working wonderfully on my Desktop PC, and still does.
But my alienware and it, does not mesh well. It seems that any time my laptop restarts the keyboard is undetected. Let me rephrase that, it detects the keyboard, but is unresponsive. the Caps Lock key is lit, and that is all. It will not allow me to reset the device, it will not register any key press for any of the keys.
I have gone as far as to remove all Asus software, all Alienware software, all Corsair software (pretty much anything with RGB) and still nothing. I can unplug it and use it on my desktop though... I have no idea where to go from here, so far I have down everything but a factory restore on the laptop... which I certainly don't want to do.
Any advice would be great, as i'm not interested in another 6 hours backing up my work and reinstalling windows and the plethora of games and utilities I currently have installed. (written with the garbage integrated keyboard on the alienware)