View Full Version : Asus Z590-I Strix M.2 Thermal Pad Problem (WD SN750)

05-12-2021, 12:56 PM

I have a little concern about the Z590-I Strix M.2 Riser that supports 2 M.2.

I noticed high Temps while running games of up to 80c. When i uninstalled the riser board i noticed the bottom M.2 was not fully touching the thermal pad. I am using a SN850 Gen 4 as the Main drive (Not seeing temp problems as of yet) and the bottom is the SN750 (Getting temp problems). It seems that the M.2 thermal pad is not touching the M.2 controller.

I was wondering should i either add a 1mm M.2 thermal pad to just that section of the M.2 driver or can i just get a 1.5mm or 2.0mm thermal pad?

Will going with a bigger thermal pad on both M.2 cause any problems. i would assume i would have to screw it down less so I dont cause any bending of the M.2.

Thanks for the help in advance.

05-14-2021, 06:11 PM
I advise to contact Western Digial SN850 for thermal pad length because we do not know the thermla speciifcations of the SN850.