View Full Version : Strange graphic glitch on Resource Monitor? (ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING (WIFI) + 5900x)

05-15-2021, 09:23 AM
Since i did my new build i'm experiencing little micro stuttering, in daily tasks, then someone told me to go in Resource Monitor to see if i see something strange, for my surprise i see a strange glitch when i move the sliders...


I just tested it on an old 3770k (showed in the video) and there is no glitch like does in the new PC...

Someone experience this glitch too?


I already tried everything at my hand:

Various Win 10 versions old and latest + all updates. (All Windows are clean installs)
Almost 5 versions of ASUS BIOS of my MB included the last BETA one.
Different Nvidia drivers.
Windows Power Plans.
PBO Enable/Disable.
RAM all errors free, tested with Memtest.
No Critical WHEA Errors.
No problems in games.

*All Hardware is new, except the 1080TI and my HDD's/SSD's witch i tested and are fine.