View Full Version : Z490 MOBO advice on OC.

05-18-2021, 01:35 AM
Is it safe to use the Asus AI auot oc for the cpu that is in the bios setting??

I really do not know how to over clock a cpu so wondering if just using the Asus tech would do a good job or not?

I have a intel i9-10850k with a Corsair H100i Pro. Have a great air flow in my case so I think the cooling will not be an issue, I would think??

Thanks in advance.

Silent Scone@ROG
05-18-2021, 06:38 AM

Yes it is safe. The controllers and algorithms track temperatures and frequency within a predefined envelope. The resulting data will depend on the CPU sample.

05-18-2021, 01:58 PM
Thank you for your advice.