View Full Version : ASUS ROG THOR 850W (OLED screen problem)

05-22-2021, 11:16 AM

I decided to switch from an EVGA 850 W G2 (80 Plus Gold) power supply to an ASUS ROG THOR 850 W (80 Plus Platinium).

Everything is connected correctly, the PC starts and works well in office automation, but I have the OLED screen of the ROG THOR power supply which is flashing with display bugs and which does not display the information on Watts.

I also did a cross test with another PC, start the power supply on without connecting anything (apart from the 20 + 4 Pins cable) to dermarer it, nothing has always caused OLED screen problems (artefacts, flashing, no watts display)

Someone has the same problem ?88761


07-04-2022, 02:53 PM
Any help with this old'ish thread? I have same oled corruption issues - not sure if it's an RMA needed or can I refresh firmware or something??