View Full Version : BUG BIOS ROG Z590-F WiFi PCIe 4.0

05-22-2021, 01:20 PM
I set in BIOS the PCIe X16_1 to Gen 4
but the GPU z show me PCIe x16 4.0@ x16 1.1
when i have z390 i set bios Gen 3 always GPU z show me PCIe x16 3.0@ x16 3.0
so what is this ?? why is z590 F*k many issues
coil whine in motherboard , issue in voltage i7 11700k and temperature , 5.1 audio issue add new bug bios

05-22-2021, 06:05 PM
Not a bug, put some stress on your GPU (the render test button is literally right next to the bus interface readout) and it'll jump up. The slot operates in a lower bandwidth mode until it's required to do otherwise, and the tools don't read it properly.