View Full Version : Strix Z490-G M.2 slot 1 stopped working after PSU upgrade!?

06-01-2021, 10:39 PM
Yes, you read right! Need help!

I bough a new PSU for upgrade, nothing wrong with my old Ax860i.

Put the new PSU in and fired the computer up. came to bios. No drives showing up as boot option.

Have 2 Intel 660P m.2 in slot 1 and 2. (256gb and 1tb) and i storage 2.5" HDD (tb) in Sata 6 slot 1. (having these like this like 6months)

Bios finds the second M.2 and HDD. but cant figure out why the first slot is not showing?
The bios was resetted when i started the computer after change.

If i move the M.2 with windows on to slot 2 its shows up and can boot to windows..
Tried remove the GPU also if that was the issue with pci lanes, but no..

The slot cant just go bad like that? feels more like its disabled?

Im not a pro and hope i can get some help..

If i cant get the slot 1 working again, can i use slot 2 only without performace issue?

06-02-2021, 09:14 PM
did you reseat the 24pin/8pin and all SATA power?
DId you try AX 860i again?

06-05-2021, 05:56 PM
did you reseat the 24pin/8pin and all SATA power?
DId you try AX 860i again?

Sorry for late answer. Thanks for replying!

Yes i did re-seat all connectorn. bios also told all voltgaes vas on spot.
Changed back to AX860i Psu, same thing..

Somehow its working now flawless.
I booted to windows with my M2 windows drive on slot 2.
Restarted computer with my game M2 disk on slot one and it showed up i windows now?

Changed back so i have windows disk on slot 1 and game on slot 2. put back my GPU and everything woks fine!

Cant tell what the issue was..:/