View Full Version : RTX 3090 Rog Strix- Hotspot Temperature

06-06-2021, 01:04 PM
Since there is a new temperature readout when using the latest HWinfo or GPU-Z...
I was quite shocked to see the Hotspot temperature was 105C under full load, while the GPU temperature was only 72C.

So I took off the heatsink, repasted the die und put everything back together.

Now, my Hotspot temperature is down by 10-15C. This is huge! Other users also reported this issue. Seems the paste job is very bad on these units.
After several hours of CP2077, max temps were 77.5C for the GPU, 93.8C for the Hotspot.

Maybe worth to check for other owners.


06-07-2021, 03:44 AM
Im too poor to pay what they are charging for 3090s and the only one I would get would be the Strix and if I did I would run the crap out of it for two weeks to make sure it doesnt suffer infant mortality then off comes the air and on goes the water. Im running a pair of Strix 2080Ti 011G OC cards and the reported GPU temp tops out at 40C and the hot spot gets to 54 on one and 52 on the other. Im still pondering of the hot spot thing.