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04-08-2012, 01:13 AM
Posted originally on build advice section so not meaning to double post but was given some early advice with my initial plan so changed up some stuff. But now I haven't heard any further feedback. I should be more patient but have I suppose but have spent last three days trying to get all ducks in order to avoid any mistakes and still have a few things I want to double/triple check . Been checking in every couple hours and no new posters so I took awhile longer and messed with my signature so this post kind of to test that out too get some opinions on it aswell. I did notice that section doesn't have too many posters compared to this one and since this is part of process I thought I would share.

I'm new to this forum but really excited about this build so hopefully things go well and I can write some good feedback on sites I buy from. And share some pictures here too. Think lack of replies to my post might be due to me completely starting over from a few things learned early on. I tried to make it pretty obvious newer components I was thinking of using were further down but here is a LINK TO CLICK ON FOR WHOLE POST (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?12421-advice-tips-reccomendations-welcome-%28project-1grand-ystem%29&country=&status=)

I was also cut and paste the newer part just in case someone doesn't want to click. Not sure if all coloring and linking will come with it...

round 2

Quote Originally Posted by Shroud View Post
Like my project name suggests my main goal is to keep my initial purchase around $1,000.
My main use will be for games.
Currently playing a lot of SW:ToR for which my current system does fine with at lowest settings (cries) except in PvP where its near unplayable and buggy.
Other goals are to have something that later I can tweak/overclock/mod/make look pretty but will functionally last me for games for hopefully 3-4 years.
So anyway I know your dying for a build update. Forums have given me some insight and I have done some serious thinking and reworking of initial purchase. As I quoted above I wanted to keep the initial purchase around $1k but I definitely plan on putting more into it as time goes on. Just not paying the prices somethings are now when I know in 6 months there will be something better and they will drop in half or more for cost. I just had to dive in and really think about about best way to begin. Initially I wanted to try to get more 'final' stuff purchased but I think using cheaper placeholders that will suffice for time being and pass them on to backup/guest/house computer current one will become. upgrading as time goes on works better for me. I would rather save money and take it slow then rush and be broke. To get most out of something truly upgradeable I just can't slack on motherboard choice and case (more hassle saver then $ but still) I will have to spend more now then I wanted to and buy 'place holder' hardware just to get it operational until prices on the more pricey items go down. But I think that route is best for me until prices fall a bit. And those placeholder pieces will go into guest machine so not be a total sink.

So my 7 new choices and revision of core purchases now are going to be:

1.) $50 Thermaltake CLP0564 Frio Dual 120mm Universal CPU Cooler

*would be nice if this thing had red blades, or clear blades with red LEDs I can probably rig with two different fans later on if it really irks me or I get bored. If anyone knows if this will work well in case/mobo? Will research more myself but if anyone knows for sure would be nice

2.) $57 RAM G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 8G

*this is a place holder and hopefully works. When price goes down on 16GB or 32GB set I will upgrade and pass this to my current machine keeping the cycle of upgrades trickling. I think it should be enough since I keep seeing people say 8GB is enough for games.

3.) $110 OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming 80Plus Bronze Power Supply

*still in the refining stages of double and triple checking everything making sure everything gonna work with what it needs to so not set in stone or anything. Major reason I chose this one was according to what I will have at initial purchase will only need around 350W so 750W should be fine, price seems ok, and yes if you can't tell I'm going with a color scheme.

4.) $110 ASUS HD7750-1GD5 Radeon HD 7750 Video Card

*now this is another placeholder just so I can play. I am going to use this one a 3.0(x16)motherboard. In comparison to what I use now even this one card is going to be like 4x better then one I am use to until the 3-4 GBs beasts come down in price. And when they do buy I'll buy and xfire them as I go and pass this one down to guest system.

5.) $150 COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper (SGC-5000-KKN1) Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

*This one just looks sweet, matches my color scheme and I love the handle. I don't think i'll take this bad boy out too much but will be much more comfortable with this if I do.

6.) $310 Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 2011 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor

*seeing conflicting posts about this. From what i understand not a "K" in name so not overclockable? Even if it's not I am sure this will be fine for my needs until such time new cheaper lga2011's that are come out. and then I can get a dirt cheap (6-12 months down road) lga2011 mobo (maybe take chances with a opened or refurbished if I see one get below $50) for guest system and pass this cpu on to it and have some ivy bridge oc'ing fun.

7!) $450 ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard - ATX, Socket R (LGA2011), Intel X79 Express, 2400MHz DDR3

Kind of still want to wait a week or so to be sure double check some stuff but I think this is what I am going with. But I think I got a good base to work with and a nice project ahead of myself. Depending on when and how much prices go down will probably start to add vcards first get some crazy framerates going.

Any conflicts anyone sees or suggestions are welcome. Didn't want to make a new post so might send this privately to those who have contributed. Please respond on forum easier for me to track one post then private messages. Thanks for all the help past and future

Well looks like coloring did not come with cut and paste but good enough I suppose. Anyone who deciphers my signature 'riddle' will get an ecookie :YUM::confused:

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gl with your build BTW

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Thats gone be a nice setup :cool:

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Just a couple things you might consider.

1. Have you considered the Rampage IV Formula; unless you truly need the additional lanes the Formula board is one nice MB. Better on-board sound and will OC just as well.

2. You might want to look at the NZXT Switch 810 chassis. This is the best case I have worked with and I have reviewed close to 50 cases for Corsair, Silverstone, Thermaltake, Senty, and most of the rest. The switch is so accommodating and at its 160.00 price it is the number one chassis on my list, matter of fact I gave away my Corsair 800D I was so impressed with the 810 Switch.

3. The Firo cooler is old school and has been updated by Thermaltake so if you do go with it make sure you go to their site and order the LGA2011 mounting hardware since the cooler will not come with it.

Side note:

If you go with the Formula MB you can upgrade your video card with the savings.

With the 3820 processor you should not have to worry much about the heat so there are several Big Air Coolers that will out-perform the Firo and you can always change out the fans for better performance and change the esthetics at the same time.

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04-08-2012, 02:18 PM

2. You might want to look at the NZXT Switch 810 chassis. .

this is a very good case here a Youtube tour of the case


04-10-2012, 06:04 AM
this is a very good case here a Youtube tour of the case


Yea I checked it out. Initially I did want to go with a clear side panel one and probably would of gone with one but I sometimes take my tower (mouse/keyboard/mic) with me out of town and to friends/families. So the handle is a huge selling feature for me. I will probably be to nervous to take machine out for months but I will eventually.


Well I ended up qualifying for a newegg credit card. So..... I blew my budget! Hehe not really I did plan on putting more money into system as time went on just did it early this way with credit. I get 12 months no interest and I will still put that $1,000 I put aside for this project and pay off rest before 12 months to not get charged interest. But, this way I get 32 gb ram, i know way more then I need but it had 15% off so was a better deal per gb. I also got a better power supply and upgraded video card. Oh, and bigger hard drive from rev2.0 build.

Final rev3.0 ordered components are my new signature 2-3 days before build starts. Thank you everyone for help and tips I appreciate it. Going to keep fingers crossed and hope mailman don't kick my box and I get through it all by myself with no problems.