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04-08-2012, 11:19 PM
Updated: This currently looks amazing on G74SX-A1. if you have a different model and even G series, Please Do it at your own Risk. If you want to try this, make sure u backup system restore BEFORE you install the calibrated screen monitor (link below)
This guide enchance your screen quaility to it's upmost. When you first bought your G74SX, your first notice (if not then meh i guess it was just me) that the colors are washed away and it is to much gamma corrected. Even fresh windows install. they are stlll not that great

I've posted a reply thread to a ROG member who was looking for monitor calibration color.


This Guide is very easy and the settings below were my settings. feel free to post your own settings if it's any better :)

1 step:

Install This Calibrated Display monitor first


Before you proceed with this post Restart your computer Once installed the Link above

Once installed the Clalibrated display and you restarted the computer we can now proceed.

Now there is 2 options. You can either use Splendid Technology or Nvidea color Settings. I recommend Splendid Technology. (Many people dislike because they do not know how to use it correctly. )

Splendid tech:

once installed run it and below apply this settings.

create a Custom mode and apply these Color values:

Threater Mode:
(You can try Gamma correction or other options. but i prefer Threater since it makes shades and lighting much much cleaner)

Red - 8
Green - 7
blue - 3

Hit apply. (It will automatically start itself in when u start windows)
( then again you can play around with the values. but the one i put were for my taste)

Now, If you are one of those Big fan of saturated Colors Keep reading:

Go to Nvidia panel, look for Desktop Color settings,

once selected you should see Digital Vibrance. Boost it to 65 (or play around with it and pick what pleases your eyes) Once set apply and have fun :)

Please, If you have spare time, try to play around with this setup settings, see if you can find any better methods. and post it here to share with everyone !

To see the BIG difference. use any HD 1920x1080 Vivid wallpapers (landscape etc) or just watch a Movie :)

Download them via here:

( Make sure you sign in to enable more pages search)
Most of them offer 1080p. most don't.
there are plenty.