View Full Version : Aura Sync Seems Flawed

08-27-2021, 03:00 AM
First boot after installing Armory Crate nothing worked. After discovering the Armory Crate FAQ with the workaround, I rebooted my computer and now Aura Sync sees my rog-strix-rtx2070 and I can set the color on it. However it still doesn't see my maximus xi hero (wifi) motherboard so no color control there or temp, load or fan speed on the MB. Funny as iCue can see temps, loads and fan speeds, pretty much everything except RGB management.
ASUS's compatible devices list is limited to sync compatible mb's, which ones they are only the motherboard gods know. Since you can download Armory Crate from the maximus xi hero support page, I guess that implys that the maximus is aura sync compatible, but it sure doesn't act like it.

Pretty shoddy programing. ASUS should contract Corsair to rewrite Armory Crate for them.