View Full Version : ROG Gladius II Wireless Sensitivity issue when connect with RF (USB 2.4GHz Dongle)

09-28-2021, 10:44 PM
I have a ROG Gladius II Wireless, which I usually use with my USB cable connection.

Recently got an upgrade on my table setup hence would like to switch to the RF mode (USB 2.4GHz Dongle). But I found that when connect under RF mode, the sensitivity of the mouse becomes weird which the DPI is being set to 1600, but the movement of the mouse is not like what I have when connect with the cable, it perform like have higher DPI than 1600 but sometimes it works fine, hence lower the DPI doesn't work as when it works properly.

Tried to connect with Bluetooth and working fine.

Updated the latest firmware through Armoury Crate but didn't solve the issue.

Firmware version:

Device version: 2.36.40
Dongle (USB) version: 1.05.03
Dongle (2.4GHz) version: 1.20.22

11-14-2021, 09:27 PM
Hi Yao95

Try going to Mouse Properties, on the Pointer Options tab, uncheck 'Enhance Pointer Precision' and click apply.