View Full Version : Aura Creator Audio Spectrum

09-29-2021, 12:38 AM
Recently bought Claymore II and its a blast. Originally bought the Falchion but im looking for a TKL wireless then this came so i immediately got this one and sold my Falchion.

Anyway, my concern is with Aura Creator specifically its music function. So i decided making a custom one that looks kind of like an equalizer and i nailed it. Only thing i noticed is, even if i have sensitivity at 100%, the spectrum isn't that big. Then when i was charging my headphones and switched to speaker for the meantime, the spectrum effect just went 100% and its beautiful - exactly the result i was looking for.

So my question is, howcome when im in headphones the spectrum wasn't that big compared to speakers? Im on a laptop btw, Strix G15 if that matters. I set it to
"based on frequency" as well. Setting it to volume doesn't change anything. Gives the same result - 100% effect on speaker while its probably around 50-70% effect when in headphones. Help please! TIA