View Full Version : ROG USB LOGO-LED-Projector

10-07-2021, 11:48 AM
A few days ago I get this Item from a friend who bought a new Asus ROG Display. The Logo Projector was included in the package but he didn't want to use it.

Now I want to try how I can use it at my X-570 e gaming. But the light is very faint and only visible in totally darkness. On the other hand if I started the computer, the beam is so bright that I can see the spotted Logo on the wall at daytime. I cant understand why the USB port gives it so much power only at startup for only 1 second and then while system is booting and then later too the light is faint.

Maybe it is only useable at the connector from the ROG Display (Mini-USB Connector) . The AURA- and also the Armoury Crate-Software didn't detect the Item to include it in the lightning concept.

I had test it with a powered USB-HUB too. There the brighter shining last a bit longer but also only 2 or 3 seconds .

Maybe someone has a solution for this and let me know about it. Thank you