View Full Version : Maximus XI E and M.2_1 / M.2_2 with PCI-E x16_1 Question

10-15-2021, 09:32 PM
I presently have a single Nvme M.2 stick in M.2_1 slot and still can maintain x16 speed in my PCI-E_1 Slot (GPU)....

Question, if I add a 2nd M.2 Drive to my other onboard M.2_2 location, will my GPU (3080 Ti FTW3) continue to run at x16 speed?

Im not using the DIMM slot for M.2 Drives at all and not planning on it.....I have a Samsung 970 Pro 512G for boot drive and would like to add a 2nd M.2 Drive to that vacant slot M.2_2 for games, likely a 1TB.....