View Full Version : g74sx 3DE 3d display problem

04-10-2012, 01:15 AM
I recently started playing Alice: Madness returns on my desktop via steam. I wanted to see what the game looked like in 3D and continue playing on my laptop so I copied over the saved files and profile of the game onto my laptop and everything seems to work fine except the 3D. The emitter no longer lights up on the monitor and the monitor is now showing up as a Generic PnP device. I've looked around and some people in similar posts have suggested that is an emitter issue that needs to be replaced, flash my bios or re-install the latest nvidia drivers. Any ideas about how I can get it working again without having to RMA the laptop? I'm also not sure what data was contained inside my Alice: Madness Returns profile that could have caused this because the 3D worked fine till I tried to run the game using the profile and saved game data from my desktop (which also has an nvidia card but no 3D monitor).

04-10-2012, 01:33 AM
Never mind the above post, I think I managed to fix it. II just re-installed the nvidia drivers from the nvidia site a second time and this seems to have fixed it. Monitor still shows up as Generic PnP but the emitter lights up and the 3D content is displayed properly.