View Full Version : Best sound card for astro a40 wireless

04-11-2012, 01:04 AM
Hi guys I need sum recomendations on sound cards for my maximus extreme z that will give me the DD live so i can use my surround sound... From what i read my mother board doesnt support DD live witch explains why every time i turn on DD i get no sound! lol... and i know most common sound cards are pci... extreme z doesnt have pci!!! lol so i need help finding best sound card for my astro a40 5.8/extreme z... mind you im running 6990+6970 tri fire combo and its running 6970 in slot 1 and 6990 in slot 3 for a 8x8... ([This is what i read that is the proper set up...] correct me if im doing wrong here now..) the other problem if i do get a sound card pci-e X16 slot two is barely visible and might! i mean might fit a sound card. idk if the 6970 would stop it from the top... eather way will be a tight fit it it works... and just below the 6990 the pci-e 4X might have room... what to do? what to do?