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04-12-2012, 03:39 AM
Hello everyone. I just thought that I would share my story with you of my experience with this laptop .I have had all sorts of problems with this laptop for the six weeks that I have had it. It double boots all the time, the sound works sometimes then other times not. The processor runs at 700 MHz with Prime95 full load, I am aware of the BDPRHOT issue. I talked to the people at Asus and they said that they were not aware of this problem. I told them its only all over the internet and the forms for like a year now. He said that they would check into it and call me within 24 to 48 Hrs, they never called me back on that issue. I also asked them why they would put a SATA II drive on a SATA revision III motherboard. He had to put me on hold because he didn't know what SATA was nor what revision it was on the HM65 express chipset. He came back after a 15 min hold and told me that it was revision III and that they put a SATA II in there to stay ahead of the industry, WOW! Ok.

So anyway I decided to flash my bios to the .202 file to see if it would correct the processor problem. It didn't. I flashed it with a USB formatted to FAT32/16 in the bios easy flash program. Worked like a charm, as it usually does. That's the way I have always flashed. After this I noticed that the keyboard lights were not coming on. So I called the asus tech and he told me to try the windows based flash tool. I should have known better than to listen to a smart Asus tech. He said that sometimes when flashing via easy flash that this can be an issue. Come to find out after the fact all you do is hit the function key and I think f4 or f5 key will fix the problem. So against my better judgment I tried it a week or so later and it bricked my computer. Oh S***. I called them the next day and they told me that my computers warranty was now void. There computers were down so he couldn't start an RMA with me , so he took my name and number and said that he would have someone call me back. They didn't. No surprise to me. I was faced with some tough decisions on what to do at this point. I once bent some pins on a mobo and called to ask if they could repair it and what the cost would be. The cost was more expensive than just buying a new mobo. Remembering this and being told that my laptop is no longer under warranty for following the advise of an Asus tech, I decided to go the cheaper route and send it to a repair service on eBay. The guy has been great. He knows his stuff at AI Computers. The only problem is my bios is corrupted and he needs the firmware and the bios file to erase the eprom and reprogram it. I talked to Asus and they will not give me a new eprom. They say its not for sale. That sucks. I have seen where other people have had the same problem here on the forum and they were told that they would need a new board, another reason I decided not to send it to Asus. They want to change the motherboard that probably cost 7 to 9 Hundred for a 22 dollar eprom that is bad. Do you see now why the eprom is not for sale, I do
Anyway there is more to the story then this, but I will spare you all from being completely sick. The moral of the story is, DONT FLASH UNDER NTFS! Also don't trust those guys at Asus. They will not tell you the truth and they are not trained computer techs.

04-12-2012, 04:26 AM
Yes, it's unfortunate/ridiculous/frustrating that Asus isn't much clearer about this. If you had come here first, many of us could have helped guide you through a safer update process. Live and learn, right? (That's kind of a motto for Asus owners!)

04-12-2012, 11:00 AM
So finally what have you done with the laptop to get this fixed? Or still looking for alternatives?

04-12-2012, 11:41 AM
This may be your fix??




04-13-2012, 01:55 AM
Hey there everyone, Thanks for the reply and the links. I will be ordering the one from the Netherlands. I have heard that they are the best and it comes with a 24 month warranty. It will be the only warranty left on the laptop. The plan is to have J.D. Cheng at A.I. Computers put the eprom in for me. I don't have the equipment to do such a thing. He is also going to make a backup of the eprom for the next poor *******. It should be here in a week. I ordered it with fast shipping at a cost of 90.00 for shipping, othwise it could take 3 to 4 weeks. The most important thing is to have that firmware. He will have it and be available here in the USA. I chose him because of the amount of G73s and G74s he has worked on, as well as a high rating and one of the cheapest on EBay. So hopefully It will be up and running in a week or so. I am hoping for a soldier it up and fire it up thing. I will keep you guys posted on this. If this works out it could be another alternative for people in my situation, a savior.
These guys at Asus are a bunch of clowns. They told me after I sent my computer off to be fixed that they would asses during the RMA process to see if the bios flash would be under warranty. Tell me this, how in the hell can they determine an improper bios flash. With a windows based program if you flash the bios and it flashes you did it proper, unless you use the wrong. rom file. J.D. said that his programmer could not even read the eprom at all. So I don't see how they could even determine such a thing.
See, here is how it works with Asus. If you send your laptop in and they determine that the bios flash is covered under warranty then they will replace the eprom. If they determine that it is not covered under warranty then you need a new motherboard. What a bunch of S***.
Asus needs to fix there bios issue. I have seen people on this forum complaining about this since last year. This strikes me as unacceptable. I don't think that Intel intended for there processors to run at 700 MHZ at 100% load while staying well below the 45 watt TDP. I know this for sure. I have talked with them about it. I suspect the reason why they are ignoring this issue is because of a design flaw in the cooling. I think that if you turned off Intel speed step, let the processor run at its rated 2.2 GHZ and let it turbo boost it would run hotter then Intel's specifications. I am not saying it would reach TJ MAX, but it would run like at 75 to 85 c which is to hot for extended use. I had an Asus G60JX RBB05 with an i7-620M that ran at 65 c under full load Prime 95. Just a thought. There must be some reason why they are blatantly ignoring this issue.
Anyway nice talking with you. Thanks