View Full Version : Hyper X Ram help

04-13-2012, 03:48 AM
Just got my Kingston Hyper X 1866 ram 8GB, and running into a few problems. Already know the issues when running 16GB but have no such issues, and only running 8GB

1) It will only boot when in slot 1 and 3. When I had it in the original 8GB slots it wouldn't boot no matter what I did.

2) I put back the original ram in its original slots and it booted also, so no problems there.

3) Worst of all I get the BSOD from time to time, always though 8GB of 1866 was no problem

4) Anything I can do or ASUS bios screws us once again ?

5) Is the Ram bad ?

6) New BOIS anytime soon ? LOL