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04-13-2012, 06:25 PM
My beloved G73 died after just 18 months of daily use. Sadly it can't be fixed. The company couldn't get another motherboard from Asus so they gave me a gift card for the value of the computer (It was still under warranty).

Micro Center doesn't carry the G74 anymore so I'm stuck without my gaming machine till the G75 comes out(Whenever that is).

I am unhappy at the fact it died after only 18 months. I have never had a computer die on me before and this is my first Asus. Is it worth upgrading to the G75 when it will have a bunch of untested tech or should I just go with something more reliable? Also the sales rep told me they always have to issue refunds for Asus because they can't get parts. So will the G75 cause me the same problems? Plus how many Asus are dying that she recognizes this as a problem?

I am in game withdrawal at the moment and have turned to alcohol to pass the time so sorry if this is somewhat incoherent.

04-13-2012, 07:34 PM
WOW ... Welcome first of all. Sorry to hear of your tragic loss.

Lets see if we can weed through this ...
After 18 months of use MicroCenter issued you a 'gift card' for (full price?) of your G73?
Well Cudos MicroCenter ... So you start with 18mo test for free. cool.
No G74- and the gift card is there only ... yea .. sad face on them.
Is it worth upgrading to the G75?
Asus thought so. What did you think of your first 18months of a 'much' lesser model ?

No Offense .. but they sold you a warranty and 'they' cant get the parts to fill it...
Id say this is 'their' contractual issue with Asus vendors ... if 'they' cant get parts.

Something more reliable ? hahahaha What ? That out preforms the G ? .. let alone
get close to the price for the bang ? .... OK so thats out.

Problems? Does it happen ? It happens. It happened to you. But it is rare when you figure
the percentages of sold vs. rma. Very rare.

My advice. Wait for the G75 .. if you are stuck with that supplier ... when you get
it .. come here .. that thing will be humming .. and on the off chance that it needs an
RMA ... you are already a Member and will know to speak up politely and find JOY.

Now...hahah... the game withdrawl alcohol substitute ... your post was perfectly coherent
and quite respectful.... may i suggest doubling up on the shots until Your G arrives ?
I dont know what country or state your in .. but i found that watching what the sheep
are eating that make them so happy very helpful @ a time like this... hehehe... Everybody
knows the best time to watch sheep is 4:20 try it ... relax... the G75 is coming.
best of luck ... sorry to bring no immediate joy ...
but I find .. I trust Asus. Here. ...And NOBODY puts the G in game like RO-G.c.

04-13-2012, 07:39 PM
I don't suppose they let you keep the dead machine? If so there are sometimes other dead machines or parts for sale on ebay so yours could be restored.

As to ASUS in general? The last few generations have had their quirks(such as the occasional flaky touchpad) but for the most part people haven't seemed to have any major reliability issues. Yours is one of very few that I've ever heard of just up and completely dying.

04-13-2012, 08:37 PM
Thanks for the welcome :hic:

I was stunned. In ran perfectly till its last breath. I had just finished an 16 hour gaming session playing Anno 2070. I closed the lid and went to bed. When I awoke in the morning I opened the lid to check my email and nothing; no lights, no soft hum of a job well done, just silence.

I quickly bundled it up and drove 2 hours to the nearest micro center. Unfortunately it was DOA. I thought maybe it was a power cord connection but sadly no. It went to their repair center so I do not have the machine anymore. I'm glad I pulled the hard drives out of it first.

So I'll have another Long Island Ice tea to ease the pain. It's better with Bacardi 151 and a splash of Grand Marnier. Oh and Grey Goose instead of Absolute. You can choose which ever Gin, I like Tanquerey myself. Repeat till the pain goes away.

I loved my G73 but I will admit it does have a lot of junk in the trunk which has caused a few problems on the plane.