View Full Version : Defective card, or poor drivers? (ENGTX-580DC2 not working with DisplayPort)

04-14-2012, 08:07 AM
ENGTX580 DC-II having DisplayPort issues (no output)

I have a card that previously worked (BIOS and everything) with displayport.

I need the DP for the application chosen since the monitor I have has only that plug that will support 2560x1440 resolution at 60Hz. I have read numerous places the DP on the VGA card itself would drop - which to me is worth doing an RMA for the card, since HDMI and DVI are absolutely NOT a 'good enough' solution.

So far I have tried four editions of the drivers (on the CD, 280.2, 285.63, 290). The Beta are known to have minor DP support issues, and some have mentioned rolling all the way back to the 280's restored function, but for me, no luck.
I can't update the VBIOS using the ASUS tools, since GPU tweak says it's already up to date. I can read up to be savvy enough to check for voltage variations, but in all honesty, given the number of complaints I've seen about the DisplayPort letting go on these cards and then following that up with the rest of the card quitting (sometimes spectacularly) unless there is a simple fix I'm just getting rid of this one.

04-14-2012, 10:04 AM
RMA the card if it does not do what you were expecting the card to do, or if the card no longer does what it was doing before. Simple as that.

If it worked before then you know it can do what you expect the card to do
That it no longer does work in that manner means either you have changed stuff around, or the card is broken.
If you are able to recreate exactly the same setup you had when the card worked before and the card still does not work then the card is broken.

RMA time. :)

04-21-2012, 05:00 AM
RMA request inbound - just unfortunate that I'm right in the middle of moving, and this is sadly the least of my concerns.

This thing was SO impressive running BF3 at insane (2560) resolutions, now it's limping along with a single DVI cable I happened to have along.