View Full Version : Modded and flashed the 203 bios as instructions, so is what CPU-Z displaying right ??

04-15-2012, 01:53 PM
Modded Bios,(Processor is a 2630QM (Should run at 2.0GHz min - 2.9GHz max)
Yet, Cpu-z still showing 798mhz while just using the net, but bouncing between that and 2195-2295 when running prime.

Loaded Intels PR Id Utility, which rightnow showing 2.59GHz at 100Mhz. ??

Run MSRTool and it shows BD processer IS Disabled??

I thought CPU-Z Would show 2.0GHz at minimum,which is what 2630qm should run at minimum and running prime would of showed 2.9GHz??

04-15-2012, 03:10 PM
While idle/near-idle INtel's Speedstep (EIST) downclocks the CPU to 798MHz. The CPU will only run @ 2.9 GHz if one thread is loading one core: if all four cores are blasted by 4 or 8 threads from Prime95 the turbo frequency will be less (guessing 2.5-2.6 GHz) because of thermal considerations.
As well, its fairly well documented that the G74 running Windows does not allow the 2630QM to reach its full 2.9 GHz: check out this review (http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Asus-G74SX-3DE-Gaming-Notebook.56809.0.html) where the conclusion is "the G74SX obviously doesn't exploit the i7-2630QM's maximum possible clock rate when only one core is put under load". It seems to max out at 2.7-2.8 GHz. However, I do get the full 2.92 GHz from one thread with my G74 running Linux. The version of ACPI Thermal Management installed in the OS seemed to be the key to getting the CPUY to go at 2.92GHz; a newer Linux kernel did the trick.

04-15-2012, 04:07 PM
Ah, Right.
Thankyou for that info, but still a shame cant get 2.9 if/when needed.

The main thing I wanted was to get it to run at its minimum of 2.0GHz.

04-15-2012, 04:21 PM
I think you can turn off EIST in ThrottleStop, and then the CPU will idle at 2 GHz. But it won't gain you anything really, since the moment you put a load on the CPU now the jump from 800 MHz to the Turbo frequency is instantaneous.