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04-19-2012, 07:03 AM
Hello there,
I am realativly new to overclocking (other than the reading I have done and expiriments I have tried) but want to do some decent speeds with my new set up, which is the whole reason I bought it in the first place. First off, I do minor gaming and mostly just fool around with mycomputer so the load on it will be very low most of the time. The primary thing I do with my computer is downloading and reading of various articles. That being said I am wanting to make it run as fast as possible without the BSOD from time to time just to show people what it is capable of, but for the most part I would like a stable 5+ ghz system if that is even an option. Here is what I have---

MoBo: Asus Crosshair V
CPU: AMD FX-8150
Video: HD-6870 (probably my weak link)
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw series 4gbx4 DDR 3 2133
SSD: Mushkin 120gb Sata 3
HDD: Seagate 1.5 Tb 7200 RPM
PSU: Corsair Pro AX 850
OS: Win 7 Ultimate
Case: NZXT Phantom red

Currently everything is stock, but when I get off shift (I am a firefighter so on for a few more days) all my water cooling material will be waiting for me at home. It is a full water cooling system with CPU, GPU, RAM, NB, and SB all being used, with 3 possibly 4 radiators on 2 seprate yet intertwined circuits (one will dump into the other so the water gets used through out the system). The CPU will have a 360 radiator dedicated just to it and a 240 and (2?) 120 for everything else. I know it sounds childish but I would like to be able to push it to the max speed from time to time for demonstration purposes. This is basically a show piece and will look like it but also needs to act like it.

So here are my questions..... What BIOS settings work to attain 5+ghz for normal home 24/7 use (low load) and then what settings for really pushing the speed for an hour or 2 at most at a time? Should I be doing this through the ROG connect or is it ok that I would rather just do it through the BIOS and if ROG is better which one to download, Asus has a few options and no explanations?

04-19-2012, 08:37 AM
5GHz with the 8150 is doable. Read my guide with the exact same kit that you are using. BUT and this is a big BUT not all CPU's will be happy at that speed regardless of cooling.

As you have read heaps of stuff you should have a pretty good idea what you can expect, and your system is going to look really good with all that water cooling you have planned. My advice is simply this. Play around with your kit, get to know the settings in the BIOS first hand. And just see what works or does not work with your system.

I use the ASUS TurboV software for my in OS extreme overclocking.

04-19-2012, 02:38 PM
Thanks for the reply but did you know that you have, well I dont know the exact number, but a CRAP ton of posts? I cannot find the one related.... any help?

04-19-2012, 03:04 PM
HAHA what you mean my posts are all crap? :)

I am sorry mate it is on the front page as guide. I did not word that particularly well.


04-19-2012, 03:41 PM
Oh yea, I read that one, it is a decent start and a good learning tool, but I am worried about over heating it too much. I have much more experience in engines and construction and know that if I make an engine too hot, it go boom!!! Is that even possible with today's parts and pieces or will they shut themselves down before that happens? I did go for a couple attempts before I went to work with my stock system and neither one of them would POST. I guess I just don't know enough about each setting in the BIOS to be able to make the proper changes that will work together correctly. I've read that plus the one by Raja and while they do a good job explaining stuff, most of it is still over my head. CAS latency, cpu/nb volts, dramm volts, multiplyer; I have a basic idea of what they do but is there someone who can put it into laymen's (layperson's?) terms for us with just enough knowledge to get ourselves into trouble with the BIOS? When I do IT work for the FD I explain things to my boss giving simple terms he understands, like comparing computer parts and problems to engines, while I know that this does not create a direct correleation it at least lets him have an idea of what I'm talking about rather than him hoping he catches the right bits and pieces.

That being said, HiVis, is there something on here that will give me a basic breakdown of what things mean and then where the best place is to start? I know I'm supposed to do just one section at a time (cpu, then RAM, then NB or what ever order) so that I can rule our issues but then again when I hit an issue how will I know how to fix it?


04-19-2012, 03:43 PM
Oh and one more thing, HiVis, your post are definetly NOT crap!!! hahaha, just 34?? of them HOLY MOLY, either you really know what you are talking about or are one hell of a B.S.er lol

04-19-2012, 03:56 PM
I hear you mate about simple - the thing is that kind of method does not really work so well with AMD and or Intel overclocking. Mainly because there are many different routes to the same outcome, and no two components will behave in the same way. So providing a universalistic or hard rule for a setting is asking for trouble. However I am sure we can work out a simple terms of reference for your system.

What is your realistic overclock?

What cooling are you planning on using?

And if you have told me these in an earlier post please forgive me but I read each and every post on this forum and I can not recall all of the details all of the time.

As to your last post, I am happy with the latter version too. :) As long as folks get their systems working I am happy.

04-19-2012, 04:10 PM
Realistic overclock - 23/7 home usage would like to be 4.5 or better
Semirealistic overclock - would like to be 5+ or closer to 6 for short term demonstration purposes
Cooling - currently completely stock but once I get home custom water cooled with all bits and pieces being cooled

Impressive that you read all the posts! Thanks for giving me some of your time!

04-19-2012, 04:16 PM
OK 4.5GHz can do with your water system.

GHz also pretty confident we can do. Might be problem if you chip is a hot one but odds are in your favour.

You want 6GHz, maybe 7GHz or more?

How about a bit of this?


You are going to need some serious cooling for that.

LN2 is good.

04-19-2012, 04:37 PM
Wow, Hivis, is that your system? That's pretty insane.

I know MrCougar in person and have a very similar setup. Here's my setup

AMD 8150
Crosshair V
G.Skill 16gb 1866mhz (This differs from MrCougar's system in that the speed is a bit slower)
Radeon HD5770
74gb Raptor 10,000rpm hdd

I've also got liquid cooling on its way to me, but to keep it far simpler than MrCougar's system, I just bought one of those self-contained Corsair H100 systems. I know it won't cool my system near as well, but it is what I can afford.

Will I be able to attain 5ghz out of my cpu with this setup? Will I have any issue with my NB overheating? Or any other part of my mobo for that matter. Will I be able to keep all 16gb running or do I need to remove two modules and keep only the A1 and B1 slots filled? Will the memory be able to stay the same speed at 1866mhz or will I need to slow it down?

Thanks for all your help, man. I appreciate it.

Also, MrCougar - you suck ;) (Not sure why. I guess because you can afford fancy cooling and I can't)

04-19-2012, 04:44 PM
Oh also -

MrCourgar just text me and asked me to reply to you for him. He said 4.5 is great, 5+ is even better, so where does he start? He also said he would love 7+ but can't afford LN2.


04-19-2012, 04:47 PM
LOL at both of you.

OK right after I finish feeding my kids I will post up a simple settings framework that both (or only one of you) are welcome to try.

04-19-2012, 04:48 PM
jawbone: thats liquid nitrogen ( below -200C ) LN2
hiviz he posted hes gona use water ( start of tread )
-> Currently everything is stock, but when I get off shift (I am a firefighter so on for a few more days) all my water cooling material will be waiting for me at home. It is a full water cooling system with CPU, GPU, RAM, NB, and SB all being used, with 3 possibly 4 radiators on 2 seprate yet intertwined circuits (one will dump into the other so the water gets used through out the system). The CPU will have a 360 radiator dedicated just to it and a 240 and (2?) 120 for everything else. <-
ive read that there are those who run 4.6 or 4.8 ghz and turbo up when on load to 5 - 5.2ghz on full load.
i guess they have it on some good cooling ( depends on the room temps too i guess )
and you can set a max limit in bios on the temp so the pc shuts down when it hits the limit to prevent damaging the cpu and other things.

04-19-2012, 04:59 PM
Awesome, thanks man! I know I speak for both of us when I say we appreciate it :) Paul and myself (I'm Jared) are both great when it comes to computers, but we're both just starting to get into the overclocking world since we now have systems that can. So we're both pretty noob at it. I used to be a PC technician but never overclocked so I don't know much about it.

Also, I can't seem to get my ram to run at 1866mhz. In my bios it's set to auto and to that speed, but when I run CPU-Z in windows (win7 ultimate) it shows it running at freakin 800mhz. Any idea what's wrong? I'm sure I have the voltages or timing wrong.

The only reason I chose 1866 over 2133 like Paul has, is I read (here in this forum, actually) that the AMD FX8150's memory controller couldn't handle over 1866. Paul has gotten his system to run 2133 fine, but that's neither here nor there.

04-19-2012, 05:12 PM
im running 1600 my self and i have no problem seting it that way.
under extreeme tweaker in bios -> memmory frequensy ( if you havent fiddling whit enny thing else ) set it at the one your chips is on
by the way what bios are your using?

04-19-2012, 10:29 PM
I got mine to run 2133 through the bios and cpu-z confirms it.

HiVis - I am looking forward to getting those numbers from you and testing them out tuesday when I get off, but with full water cooling do you (or anyone else out there in ROG world) think I could get close to 6ghz as long as I'm not taxing the system? And for the 4.5+ ghz can I do this and keep all 8 cores running? Yea its great to have those numbers of 7.5 but if it's only using 2 cores then are you really getting any thing faster?? 3.6(stock)x8=28.8ghz 7.5x2=15ghz If I understand it correctly

KKN - what do you mean "Turbo up." Using the auto overclock in the BIOS it did not show a predicted change to the speed so I didn't even try it.

Jawbone - be jealous be very jealous!! That is what happens when you give up time at home and with friends and family to work.......:confused:


04-19-2012, 10:39 PM
i dont know how it work my self so ( havent clocked mutch my self ( newbie on OC so ) ).

04-20-2012, 10:17 AM
You can (could) get to 6GHz on two cores on a good water cooling system. I am not sure why one would want to :p but can understand the appeal. Guys got side tracked with the kids last night so will be posting up the framework later today.


04-20-2012, 01:06 PM
Thank you HI VIs, and while you're doing that one more question...... Am I right in the assumption of how the overclocking in relation to amount of cores works? Ex: 4.5ghz with all 8 cores effectivly runs at 36ghz, and 7.5 ghz with 2 cores effectivly runs at 15 ghz?

04-20-2012, 07:23 PM
Nah that is not how it works, or how one should think of the frequency of a CPU.

Regardless of how many active cores you might have your frequency is that number (MHz) which is the highest frequency your CPU has achieved on a single core, or on two cores depending how many you can switch off in BIOS. So for example that 8150 screen that I posted is 7.45GHz regardless of how many cores are active the frequency is 7.45GHz. If I had clocked it at 4 cores or 6 cores to that frequency it matters not one wit.

When I said you could get 6GHz on two core you are correct in thinking I am saying it is easier to overclock only two of the total number of cores present on the Bulldozer CPU, the why that is so has to do with the amount of heat that all the cores produce when voltage is being pumped through the CPU. Fewer cores equals less voltage and less voltage means less heat generation. Plus having a couple of cores disabled puts far less stress on the CPU itself and you can theoretically gain a higher overclock that way.

Guys I am a little tied up the next couple of hours/days I have not forgotten or discounted the step by step reference guide for the both of you. Just a bit pushed for time to sit down and do it.

In the mean time you can both ensure you have the right software installed on your systems to play with your kit.

CPUz 1.60 http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
Prime 95 http://www.mersenne.org/
TurboV Download the AIsuite from your motherboard support page and install only TurboV
Super Pi 1.5 http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/366/Super_PI_Mod_v1.5.html
Memtest86 ver 4.2 http://www.memtest.org/#downiso

I will post back a little later tonight still I hope. :)

04-20-2012, 10:52 PM
Looking forward to it HiVis....you the MAN!!!!

04-24-2012, 04:14 AM
Hows the walk through coming HiVis?

04-24-2012, 10:13 AM
Sorry guys - walkthrough is happening as I type, spent all of the weekend on Ivybridge stuff :D

So please forgive me. Did a video live cast for 5 hours last night. Over at OCN :)

And as soon as I swap the boards out I will post up here.

04-24-2012, 07:25 PM
Sounds good, brother. We appreciate your time and effort, greatly!

04-25-2012, 05:13 AM
Oh and HiVis I'm about to sound retarded......Which memtest do I download?? there are 7(?) options

04-25-2012, 09:19 AM
Nah you are not Ver 4.2 USB model

Or the 5.1 Alpha but go for the Ver 4.2 for now.

Nearly done lads just bare with me, juggling heaps of things are the same time.

04-25-2012, 12:21 PM
Most chips should be able to achieve 4.6ghz properly stable within temp range if you have the proper cooling tho there are no guarantees in this game and every chip is different so no guarantees. The easiest way to get to the top is to work your way up there. And since someone (no names mind) want to get to 5GHz and maybe even more....

First of all you should turn off cool and quiet and speedfan etc. Lock your ram voltage to its rated spec and set the correct strap and primary memory timmings if it isn't done so already.

You should do a quick stability test now witht he memory at it's desired speed just to be sure you don't run into issues later.

For stability testing you should use Prime95 blend test as this really pushes the right buttons on AMD, produces a lot of heat and stresses that IMC, use it for however long you see fit, I recomend 3-5 hours to be sure. But if you want to cut corners that is your call.

Next you should put the cpu voltage to something reasonable like 1.4 and the cpu ration to 22 for 4.4ghz, see how your temps are doing and how stable it is. If all is well, try 22.5, and for the final push 23. You may need to raise vcore for one of the steps up in core speed but as long as temps are in range then you should be ok.

Again running Prime for 3 - 5 hours is the way to go. But for quick and nasty you can do 20 mins just to get an idea of where you are stability wise.

If you are feeling a bit more confident you can tune in the NB clock in the same way, raising it click by click until it fails a stability test then back off again.

You can also fine tune using the base clock, say you pass on the 22.5 multi but are too hot on 23, go to 22 and up the base clock until your temps are in the desired acceptable range or you become unstable.

Remember the fsb raises all clocks linked to it so can be harder to trouble shoot.

Again sorry for the delay guys I know you wanted to play yesterday but like I said life intrudes some of the time. And in this case it was a 7 year old with a fever. :)

04-25-2012, 08:34 PM
Hey brother, life intrudes ALL the time. Haha.

I appreciate the numbers! Do you happen to have numbers for what I should do about my memory? I have 4x4gb G.Skill Ripjaws 1866mhz. If I set everything to auto it runs around 1600. If I try and up the frequency to run at 1866, it is all of a sudden running down at 800mhz! Not sure why. I'm sure it's a timing/voltage issue.

These CPU numbers are great though. Once I get my memory stable I will try these out. Now, you mention running Prime to check for stability. So, set the numbers in the BIOS, restart and boot into PRIME, run the test, etc? Is that correct? May sound like a dumb question, but I'm just making sure you boot into Prime to run it rather than something you run through windows.

How likely is it to be able to boot into Windows and run it stable while running 4.6ghz or higher?

Again, thanks for the numbers man, I'm going to have fun trying these out.

04-25-2012, 08:56 PM
Jawbone -

I know what to set it too!!!! hahahaha

go into the dramm section of the tweaker and set the cas to 9, the next one down to 10, the next one down to 9 and then finally the next one below to 28, and then set your volts to 1.5


I do not have my water cooling installed yet but tried your 4.6 anyway....... yea about that!!! hahaha. it booted fine and then I started prime and next thing I know poof it shuts off. yea I had a good laugh reset the bios to stock and will be waiting for everything else to get here, hopefully today, and install the water cooling before I go try again.

But Thank you!!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!, jawbone not so much hahahahahahahaha

04-25-2012, 09:01 PM
Oh yeah? Well, I bet MINE wouldn't shut off from being too hot ;) h100 ftw

Also, you sure the timing is 9-10-9-28? I'll give it a shot tonight when I get home. Is that the timing and voltage you have set for 2133? I don't know if it is the same for my 1866. We'll see. I'll let you know how it plays out. lol

04-25-2012, 09:28 PM
You two are so going to fit in on this forum. You are both nuts. :D

Jawbone you launch Prime in OS mate. Have Coretemp open at the same time and keep an eye on the temps.

04-25-2012, 10:08 PM
Yes I'm sure. I googled your ram and that's what it came up with.

05-04-2012, 02:50 PM
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