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01-16-2011, 01:39 PM
Hello. I'm an owner of a G73JH-TY076V for about 6 months, and apart from a slight issue at start that was easily fixed, I've not had any issue with it.
However, I tried yesterday to use a new joystick (a logitech attack 3). I installed the latest driver from logitech, and it seemed to work.
However, after something like a minute, the whole screen went black with gray stripes (I think it is the GSOD I see in those fora), along with a rather loud noise. I was forced to hard reboot.
I tried a few more times, and each time the same problem happened. So I decided to stop using it, and it seemed to work. But something like two hours later, in normal windows usage (writing in notepad) the whole thing just froze, and nothing worked at all (mouse, keyboard (ctr-alt-del did nothing), ...).
As it was rather late, I decided to see to the whole problem the next. This morning, when I booted up the computer, and after opening my session, I came upon an empty desktop except for the recycle bin. Opening the desktop would make crash internet explorer.
I rebooted, but this time was totally unable to open that session (this is my admin session), so I open my second session. Everything seemed fine, until I tried to use a program. An error messaged appeared saying the exe didn't exist, but after checking, it was there.
After some tries, I finally managed to open my anti-virus softwares (Malwarebytes and avast) thinking it was a virus (although I only download the driver since the problem appeared). But those two found nothing. I then tried to roll back to a previous save of windows from the utility built-in, but I'm unable to do it (an error message saying so appears each time). The advance option just does nothing at all.

That's my situation right now, and I'm rather at loss. So I wondered if there was a different way to restore the computer (even from scratch, I've got nothing of value on it that is not backed-up elsewhere). The problem is that I don't have the windows installation dvd, and I don't know if it is possible to create one as it was in XP.

Thanks in advance.

01-16-2011, 10:45 PM
I would do a System Restore to the point before the driver install. I would also install the vBIOS upgrade if you haven't already. Then I would download the driver for the joystick and try again.