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04-25-2012, 10:45 AM

We sent Ban Nguyen, creator of epic mods such as the Diablo II ROG-TJ11 (http://rog.asus.com/77352012/news/asus-rog-tj11-diablo-iii-case-mod-by-ban-nguyen/) and the ROG Rampage (http://rog.asus.com/32302011/news/rog-rampage-mod-by-ban-nguyen/), some questions to understand better what drives a modding genius.

ROG: What got you into PC modding in the first place?

Ban: A love of computers and all things computing. Then I started to mod out of this curiosity, and eventually I had modded everything about a PC.

ROG: When did you start PC modding?

Ban: I started PC modding from 2004, when I got my first PC.


ROG: How many mods have you made?

Ban: I’ve lost count. Very, very many projects. I honestly don’t remember all of them as they are smaller mods, but big projects (like ROG Rampage and TJ11 Diablo III) took off about 2 years ago for me.

Generally I don’t have sponsorship for my mods though, so after each project is finished I take photos then take it apart and recycle the hardware. This is why my mods never yet travel or get displayed in shops or shows.


ROG: What is your inspiration behind each mod?

Ban: My inspiration for work is just what I find and experience going through life. I just always think about doing something very different, very unique. To try something new inspires me.

ROG: Your workshop looks well stocked in pictures! How big is it?

Ban: I rent space in Ho Chi Minh City (my home town in the countryside of South Vietnam). The workshop is 12 meters by 3.2 meters.

ROG: What is in future for your mods?

Ban: In the future I use my developing skills and experience to just continue modding, but not only PC tech, but everything I can get my hands on. Of course I still love modding ROG things, and I have more projects to come with an ROG name.

04-25-2012, 12:44 PM
This guy's work is amazing! It's a shame that he has to take apart his previous projects to build new ones...
Asus, I think sponsoring Ban Ngugen would provide more fame for you! And of course, more joy for us... :cool: