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04-26-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi everyone im new to this forum having found it whilst searching for help with my Laptop.
Up untill Febuary of 2012 i was the very happy owner of a G73JW laptop. I bought this machine in Canada where i was living with my girlfriend and we moved back to the UK at the start of the year. The laptop was great other then the track pad moving the mouse to any position on the screen other then the requested one. As i used a mouse most of the time it was never a real issue. Then all of a sudden during some gaming sessions with the Laptop connected up via HDMI it started to reboot itself randomly over and over again. As the bios had not been updated since purchase i thought i would give that a try and see if it cleared up any of the odd issues. I followed the instructions on the Asus website to the letter and completed the Bios update the machine said it would shut down to reboot and it never switched back on.. I work with computers for a living and have done 1000's of bios updates and never had anything like that happen before.
So i was now stuck with a bricked machine. (why on earth they never put a dual bios on a machine that costs the best part of 2000 i will never know.
I contacted Asus Uk and was amazed with the service. The machine was picked up by a courier and whisked away to be repaired. This is where the real nightmare begins. It is near on impossible to actually speak to a human being within Asus UK who can actually help. Over the next few weeks i recieved emails stating that they were waiting on parts. Then i would recieve another email stating the same thing a week or so later. This carried on for 1 and a half months. I was then informed that my machine would be swapped out as they still had no parts.
I thought that was a fair and reasonable thing to do as it was getting on to 6 and half weeks by the point.
I recieved an email from the UK Swaps department offering me a G74SX as a replacement for my G73.
I thought thats a pretty good offer. So using the name on the email and the telephone number provided i thought i would give them a call. When i did eventually get through i was informed that the person i wanted to talk to was based in Holland and that its not possible to talk to them. If thats the case why bother putting a contact telephone number on the email.
This started to become very frustrating i never imagined dealing with one of the biggest computer companies in the world would be such a nightmare. The Emails contiuned with specifications of replacements being sent. None of them matching the machine it was due to replace. What makes matters worse is that they dont even seem to know the spec that my machine was. MY G73 had a single USB3.0 port and i wanted a replacement that had this as the machine has no firewire port and use extensively for music production and transfering files over USB3.0 is a must for me. I didnt think it was too much to ask.
To then recieve an email back saying "according to my spec your machine never had a usb 3.0 port or did it?" How can they not know what the machine has. This was the point that i really started to get anoyed. I was then informed that they had nothing in stock and they would get new stock a week later. A week later i was informed again that they had no stock and that a buy back would be the only option. At this point i suggested they give me a new laptop due to the amount of time they have taken messing me around. I did state in my email that the offer for the laptop would have to enable me to go to my local store and pick up a like for like replacement. I recieved an email this morning saying they would not take that route and that they would give me the money in euros if i signed paper work for them. No actual offer. So before my head exploded i thought i would try the UK call centre once again. I maganged to get through to the same guy i spoke to previously who again explained that they cannot put me through anyone in secondline. I politely asked to speak with his manager (its not fair to shout at people who take crap all day long) Surprise surprise i was met with the "he is in a meeting. NO NO he really is in a meeting" The oldest fob off trick in the book. I have asked for a call back from a manager but i dont think i will get one. Im at a loss as what to do now. My Rma number doesnt even exist on their system anymore. It was only that i have a case file started ready to pass on to trading standards that i had the SN: ready. Ive dealt with all the major computer players in the UK before and never recieved such a long drawn out poor service before. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do next. I know the offer they give will never been enough to get a like for like replacement and the chances of them actually ever getting parts to repair the machine before im too old to actually enjoy using it.
Thanks for any help in advance.

04-26-2012, 06:07 PM
Hi and Welcome to the ROG forum :)

It's very sad to read these horrible stories about poor service from Asus support. I would recommend you to pm Mason@Asus or MarshallR@Asus and ask them what to do.

They have helped out a lot of other notebook users who get's stuck with the Asus support and fixed up their issues.

I really hope that you get a replacement notebook for all the trouble you have to get through just because the support isn't helping you out at all.

Good luck!

04-26-2012, 06:28 PM
It's almost the same servicing whatever company you're calling. They pretty much all have contracts with call centers that are there just to answer the phone. Most of the time they're around to provide you a RMA number and instruction all written in a text file. They can't provide any technical informations concerning your product. Atleast Asus have the VIP email service. When you have a question you login and ask the question. If you have a bricked laptop and have to call, I guess this is where it hurts the most. To get proper informations about products you're buying it's almost all web based now. Call centers tend to suck. Just to state an example, even if I live in Canada and I have a cable tv problem my phone call is taken in Egypt. How weird is that ? lol

04-26-2012, 06:43 PM
Hmm.... here in Norway we can access the repair center on web to check how far they have come with the notebook.... not sure if you can do the same tho =/

04-26-2012, 07:45 PM
Thanks for the help so far. Have sent a PM to Mason in the hope he can give me some advice on what to do.
Ive built hundreds of pc's using Asus stuff and never had to return a single part untill now.
The biggest test with any company is not when things work its when something doesn't.
Fingers crossed something happens. I will update the thread as the saga unfolds.
thanks again for the help

04-27-2012, 02:41 PM

i recieved an email today from Holland stating they would offer a 100 percent buy back in euros for the machine.
As i live in the UK and we dont use euros i find it odd they are unable to make an offer in pounds and pence.
The rest of my previous email asking for the case to be passed on to a supervisor or manager has been totally ignored.
So i decided to try one last time to call the UK support team. After being on hold for what seemed like forever (lift music does get boring after a while) i was put through. As my Rma doesnt exist i had my SN: ready and reeled it off and was then meet with the brick wall of unhelpfullness that i have found in every avenue i have searched so far.
I asked for a manager and was told "we dont have managers" and that they are totally unable to help with the case as its now based in Holland and all i can do is send yet more emails. Why is it so hard to talk to a human being.? Its simple, emails can be ignored and left where as human beings cannot. IVe been in the computer industry for 15 years to varying degrees and never ever have i had such a bad service from any company. I cant knock the products as they are great but the backup service that supports them is woeful at best. Im really stuck as what to do now. A repaired laptop will more then likely break again and i will have to go through this whole nightmare again (that is if they can actually find a laptop to give me which so far they havent)
or a refund that leaves me unable to buy a replacement of the same spec that i had originally. My faith in Asus has dwindled despite a good relationship over many years.

04-27-2012, 03:48 PM
I think it is fair to say at this point that Asus if focused on this like a lazer.
We have seen great strides in assuring the right thing is done..

Be assured that what can be done - will be - in the end.
HQ has taken a very keen interest in these matters .. we have seen proof.

Relax .. Let 'them' do what they do ..
Then you can throw your Faith a Suprise Party .. Ill start blow'n up balloons .. now.
Best of Luck and Welcome to ROG.c.

btw - I advocate that those responsible for this non-sense be invited to join
the unemployed masses or encouraged to seek more suitable employ by
seeing how far into the middle of the street they can be booted.
I want the happily motivated that say ' I have the best job on the Planet.'
and Love every second as we do the equipment....Not, '..have to go to work...'
.. Be proud and ready to Sign ANY work you do .. or stay home .. c.

04-27-2012, 04:50 PM
I think it is fair to say at this point that Asus if [sic] focused on this like a lazer.
What are you basing this on?? Have you read through this guy's story? The whole point is that Asus is acting like they could not care less.....how does this translate to "focused like a laser?" :confused:

04-27-2012, 05:20 PM
Thank you for asking, brotherBrodyBoy. I would be more than happy to explain.

As of Late.
In following closely within the forum I have witnessed HQ's participation in admirely
handleing these specific issues immediatley (Chain's of Command can be a painfully
slow process for the injured.) upon their being brought to light.
Across the Globe, to all reaches of the World to be grandeous ..
which is equal to the feat.

We must keep in mind that even a 1% incident rate of All Asus Production
would be a staggering undertaking just in the 20,000,000 overall motherboard arena.
Any 'Guesstimate as to Laptop and specifically G numbers? One (ours) is harsh.

Contract Centers and Support Centers are getting careful scrutiny .. and the
Verdict will come down not soon enough. This to shall cease in the re-emerging
economy. All negative revenue streams must be eliminated to secure fiscal luqidity.
And shall be.
The equipment is second to none. Established. Improvements with each generation.
The Support Workmanship. UnExceptable. Established. Phone Support .. Lacking.
Taken swiftly on a case by case basis. (Nobody is Play'n 'them'.)
with that ..
and I must say .. even to MY amazement .. although time is lost .. those that
I am speaking of are with glee.
Some have been in frustrated conflict since November ..December.
I have yet to see Any unResolved .. (Please-Bring any forward...in the light.)

I can further point to direct evidence of this but I am sure Asus, In their
humble and wise way would prefer not.
((Not to invite FreeLunch'r's to attempt to dine.)) -->
<--[ I'd be happy to PM them to any that ask. From the Public Forum. ]

Therefore, I believe it is More than Fair ... Fair Enough ?

OP - & any unknowing- BrodyBoy is one of the top trusted and respected
Members here .. with countless hours of serious ROG.
He has detailed and chronicled every conceivable aspect
of the G from strengths to flaw and knows better than most,
each intricately. Plus More.
BrodyBoy has long joined the voices screaming
for Asus to bring the added disgrace of unacceptable
workmanship in Our name to a screeching halt. Long time.

If Asus has paid attention to 1/10 of what he alone has written
the G55 and G75 should blow us all away ........... truth.
Not to speak for him .. but always with him.

and OP .. Now that this has been brought into an even brighter light..
Relax .. watch ..(smiling to myself.) ... Zen happens.

( I can not answer as to your specific case OP as to its merit. What is right will be done. This, I do know.)

Too All:
Question. haaha -- If an 'End-User's' (us) issues are never brought to light because those
responsible are self-sheltering ... how can it be resolved?

Answer: ROGforum.

Here is an idea: If they sign their name we will know who to thank.
Who may be getting a raise and who Should be unemployed.

and .. hahhahahaa
Why does everyone always ask me ? "Did you read.... ?"
I answered it didn't I ? .... hahahha (respectfully joking)

04-27-2012, 10:32 PM
Well hopefully, ASUS is laser-focused on this customer's issue NOW. It certainly sounds like the UK and Holland centers were not...

That bull about not being able to speak to a manager is beyond belief. Any legitimate business allows problems to be escalated.

04-28-2012, 03:09 AM
Indeed ... hopefully ... (this instance is sickening and a prime example of what is broken .. )
You know this better than most also ..
There is a transition .. let it happen .. is all im saying ..
and .. I see them cleaning this up one at a time, done well, move on ...

Just watch this .. at the least .. and then ... proceed from there.

Do you think for a second that they dont know that although we Love
this equipment .. that we are Sick of this ... and ALL of us know that Intel
boards for example ... next day ... no excuse ..

EDIT ::: This unit was purchased in the UK. They have very strict laws involving
commerce and consumers. This has to be handled through there.
So... Who is the (UK) Mason ? and can someone explain how if in the UK..
governed by UK Law .. Holland offers Euros ? (for curiousity sake?)

Yep .. call The Mason .. (the US one cant help "This time.")
Meet on the Level-Leave on the Square. United Global Masons.
(OP-just hang in there-work in progress)

04-28-2012, 07:18 PM
In http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?13850-Commercial-de-france-asus-gesture-very-fast&country=&status= the Holland center did provide a G74SX replacement for a user's faulty G53. I wonder why they are giving @mundee such a hard time, particularly since they offered such a replacement and then withdrew the offer?

04-29-2012, 10:25 AM
I have the same computer and im struggeling with the HD lagspikes problem.

I was so happy when getting SD28, and still i had lag.

So no its going to the repair center.
I had to force flash it back to SD26 to make it usable.

The way i see it, this was a defect from the HD manufacturer(Maxtor/Seagate), and its up to them to fix it.
The momentus disks have had this problem ever since i got the machine, and now im sick of struggeling with it.

And so im hopefully getting it replaced with a new preupdated one.

Moral to the story is, dont give up!
Though in Norway we have pretty good consumer rights and even after the two year manifacturer warranty we still have a right to complain for another 3 years, because a laptop is supposed to last longer the Norwegian government have stated.

Keep on fighting :)

04-29-2012, 10:32 AM
Hi @CreeVal

If you had the issue since you bought your notebook, why didn't you got back to the reseller and exchanged it for a new unit? You shouldn't have issues right out of box when you buy an such expensive notebook.

Is your notbook at the repair center now?

04-29-2012, 11:40 AM
its not at the repair center right now, but i have ordered a repair for it an will probably recive a postnote next week.

Besides i actually won the computer, full warranty though, so since i actually didnt pay for it i wanted to try and fix it my self.
And it worked great for a while, then the lagspikes came along, i updated to SD25, didnt help. Contacted Maxtor(at the time) got SD26 and everything worked.

Turns out the SD26 update cuts out the SSD section of the disk, therefore im not getting full advantage of my PC.
So updated to SD28, and all hell broke lose again. Force flashed it back to SD26 as i said just to make it usable again.

So ive contacted the company (CDon.com) and they are allways happy to help. So thank god for that.

I know i should have done something about it earlier, but i honestly did think that Maxtor/Seagate would do something about it within reasonable time.

A well.. Maybe i'll get one plate HD and one SSD if im lucky :p

04-29-2012, 11:43 AM
I recently saw a N71-JQ turned into a G74 right before my very eyes also.. Im scratching my head as to
the logic of this OP's saga without the specifics of the merits.

HQ stepped in there. Perhaps a 'last resort' Conflict Resolution contact from HQ. A Global Mason.
End this bleeding once and for All.c.

05-02-2012, 11:15 PM
Well its about time for an update: Before i start i would like to thank Mason who has very kindly offered to look into the case even though im way out of his area.

Ok so as of Friday i recieved yet another email from Holland ignoring all my questions regarding the handling of the case. So i decided to try once more... here is the transcript of my email.

Hi Patrick
Many thanks for your reply. I would like if possible that this case can be esculated to senior managment to deal with as we are at an impasse. I am more then happy to see what the offer in euros is although i still cannot understand why a UK based customer should have to deal with conversions of currency in to something usable. My research has already shown me that i will be unable to replace the laptop with a like for like model for the same money now due to tax increases etc which leaves me finacially worse off. During a visit yesterday to the biggest Pc supplier in the uk i was quoted almost 1800 for a similar spec machine.
i am not happy how this case has been handled and would also like to be provided with details of your complaints prodcedure and relevent contact telephone details and address in the UK to write too regarding the handling of this case. Its nothing personal against yourself as im sure you have done the best you can. But to still be debating what to do after 8 weeks is preposterous and a solution to this issue should have been fortcoming alot sooner.

Many thanks

12 hours later at about 2am i recieved an email (and auto send one) to say you email wont be read untill tuesday) what is amusing about that is its the fastest response ive had from Asus support during the entire case.

Tuesday came and went with no email but i was rewarded on wednesday with another reply which i will copy below.

Hi Chance,

No problem.

The address is below:

AsusTek U.K. LTD.

Complaints Department

1st floor Hemel One

Boundary way

Hemel Hempstead


The below link will direct you to the complaints form. If you fill in United Kingdom it will go directly to the correct complaints department.


If I escalate it for the Buy Back and it is approved (if 100%) it would be the amount that was paid for it at that time.

I will check with management if they have received the escalation from the support as well.

So out of the questions i asked in my previous email. 1 (the complaints address) was answered. Still no telephone number to talk to anyone. And the offer of a 100% buy back on my laptop is now an if %100. SO they could after all this leave me with out a laptop and then offer me half price back? The questions regarding passing it on to management was ignored yet again. I am a pretty laid back guy and deal with companies most days of week and in all my years ive never ever been met with such utter (i cant even think of a word to describe it) service. What really anoys me about this is i can call a UK support number and be given no help what so ever. I cannot talk to the people dealing with the case. The person actually dealing with it wont pass it on to management but yet i can complain in writing to a UK address. The inland revenue are the only other company in the UK that make it as difficult as possible to actually talk to someone. 4 and a half days i waited for a reply and that was it. Ive now decided though that im not going to just let this go away. Someone will listen to me and deal with this. Im not going to tar every employee of Asus with the same brush as Mason has been most helpful but from my experience so far the customer service and deliberate way they company hides its staff from actaully having to talk to customers is just plain wrong.

Any suggestions would be most welcome
thanks Guys

05-02-2012, 11:47 PM
Here in the states, local TV news stations will sometimes have a troubleshooter reporter who investigates customer complaints. These guys get results for the customer and report it in a news segment. You might do some research and see if you can find an analog in the UK.

It does seem like a system designed to wear the customer down so they will eventually accept whatever is offered to get on with their lives, as opposed to one with a goal of customer satisfaction. However, they haven't stated they WON'T offer you a 100% refund. If they do end up offering 100%, will that be satisfactory?

05-03-2012, 12:07 AM
In relation to the buy back. a refund of what i paid for it will actually leave me worse off.

I bought the laptop whilst living in Canada for $1800 i think it was.. and since then have moved back to the UK
a replacement of the laptop in the UK is just under 1800. $1800 dollors converts to about 1130 so i would be left with no laptop and not enough money to replace it with a like for like model. I hope that makes sense. And thats if they even actually offer the 100 percent buy back which they have in previous emails. But stupidly the offer with be enither in Canadian $ or English it will be Euro.

05-03-2012, 12:24 AM
What about the earlier offer to replace your G73 with a G74SX? The G74's have better spec's than the G73's and all models have a USB 3.0 port. Or were you forced to purchase another system to get on with your work and no longer want a replacement system?

05-03-2012, 12:33 AM
What about the earlier offer to replace your G73 with a G74SX? The G74's have better spec's than the G73's and all models have a USB 3.0 port. Or were you forced to purchase another system to get on with your work and no longer want a replacement system?

They never came through with the offer as the machine they had to offer did not have a usb 3.0 port(This is according to the member of staff) This was after they told me my machine did not have one either. I did send them a spec sheet from the Asus website showing my model DID have a usb 3.0 port and that the replacement SHOULD have one also. I was told this wasnt the case and they would wait for stock...which like the parts never arrived.

This is why im starting to go slightly insane. I would never buy a gaming laptop again to be honest. way to much hassle when something goes wrong. At least with a desktop. swaping out a board doesnt leave you without a machine for months at a time.

05-03-2012, 11:31 PM
The plot now thickens... today i have recieved another email offering me the same machine i was offered before. The amazing thing is it has now sprouted a usb 3.0 port. So im now back where i was a month ago... But now according to the email they wish to resolve this quickly now. and have even offered to throw some extra memory in. Thats a start at least. If an Asus member of staff from this forum Mason maybe has stepped in and pulled some strings i am thankfull for the assistance. I will keep updating this thread untill it is resolved.
Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. With out this forum im sure i would still be no where near a resolution.

05-08-2012, 08:15 PM
I am still in dispute with Asus UK/Holland over this.. Taking legal advice now as they are messing me around repeatedly... One positive thing is Mason has been trying to help and that means that all you guys in the US have someone to rely on if something goes wrong. Sadly us UK people are not so lucky...

05-14-2012, 06:31 PM
It now looks like i will have to proceed down the Court action route. As i have been unable to get a sensible offer from Asus regarding a replacement or a refund. More agravation that i didnt need and has put the nail in the coffin of me ever purchasing anything Asus based again.
Disgusted by the UK and Europe based service. Mason aside (who by the way has been nothing short of amazing) but he is US based so count yourselfs lucky US based people. It could be so much worse for you in Europe

05-15-2012, 04:25 PM
Wish you the best of luck, and hopefully you get a happy outcome to all of the issues you've been having !

06-07-2012, 12:18 AM
Over 100 days now and still no settlement from ASUS. Court proceedings will be started as soon as i can afford to pay to take them to court. (Thats the great Irony. I have to pay to take them to court to get my money back) Have replaced the laptop now with another brand. Gutted really as ive been an Avid Asus Customer for well over 10 years and now they will never have anything out of me again. I appriciate the Help Mason has given me and he has gone way above and beyond what he needed to do as its not his problem and not in his juristiction but i WARN anyone who lives in the UK buy ASUS at your peril. A Two year warranty thats not worth the paper its printed on.

06-10-2012, 05:53 PM
This update has no relevence to the on going case at all...but i would like to just say a massive thankyou to all the people on this forum that have made me feel welcome and send me Pm's asking how the case is going and checking that everythings ok.
This is what a decent community is about and i am extremely thankful for everyones advice and input on this case. I wish personally i had found out about this forum BEFORE i had a problem because i would have been an active member supporting the Asus Brand. I feel guilty about coming on to here and pointing out all the things that Asus have done wrong when i am just 1 person in a sea of millions of sales and happy customers. I also know that many many people have had happy resolutions when problems have arisen and im in the 1 percent of people that slip through the cracks.
I cannot praise enough the Asus Staff that make themselves available via this forum to help out answer questions and generally put themselves in the fireing line when im sure they dont need to do this.
Although ive now purchased a rival brands laptop to use through necessity as after 100+ days without one i needed to do something i still hope that i will be welcome to post on this forum.

06-23-2012, 11:26 PM
Will have a big update by next friday on this case....Something is finally happening. 118 days later

06-24-2012, 02:36 AM
Well it's about time .. This should have been resolved LONG AGO. Sorry Asus, this time you dropped the ball.

@mundee .. NOTHING will replace 118 days of Frustration [ That you somehow kept in check. Cudos. ]
@Least This will be Finis.c.

06-24-2012, 05:43 PM
I had an old ASUS laptop that lasted me a while but when it did start playing up I must say their service really let them down (I am in Australia). My flatmates both bought G73s models a while back and have had some spike n lag issues (one worse than the other) but overall they have been good machines but the customer service with ASUS just seems pathetic.

I had planned to purchase a G75VW next week but after reading the forums on them I will be looking elsewhere I think

06-24-2012, 06:40 PM
sneek_001 -- Stop the Presses .. This is a very unique and isolated incident .. dont get it twisted. The G75 performance is
unparalleled in the industry .. look elsewhere for less ? Makes no sense.
What forums ? The Also-Rans ? Be Serious. There is only one outstanding issue on the G75 and work arounds are in place,
from I have seen .. Asus is working feverishly on a permanent fix (sub-woofer related).
The G75 answers fully All concerns of the previous Models ... I believe you have been misinformed my friend.
I would do myself a favor and reConsider your reConsideration of the G .. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
mundee will probably be the first to tell you the back-flips 'some' are willing to do 'here' to make sure...
[[I think Asus was unReasonable .. Holland/UK]]
he .. is trapped .. in my view .. in an unacceptable situation by no fault of his own ..
Asus is going out of its way to perfect support for all .. yet allows this one fell through the cracks ..
I applaud mundee .. boo the service he received .. and trust that it will be put to a end.

I still say .. not that I have any .. that the best money Asus could spend would be to send mundee a G75
to review and then keep for his troubles .. Nothing can Now fix loss of 118 days ..
but happy resolution would be a great start ...

Mundee ... got my fingers crossed for you for Monday ...
..hey...hahah..Good News for Mundee on Monday ... its gotta be a sign I tell ya.c.

06-24-2012, 09:14 PM

Sorry but in this case you are definitely wrong. Isolated incident of ASUS's failure? Hah. Honestly I have heard almost nothing but how bad ASUS support is, I have heard people like you say "Oh that is Brazil, only they have bad support" or "Oh well if some guy at the repair center ripped a chip out and then wrote that the user did it then it is obviously isolated" or "Oh you can't get good support in Asia" or "Oh ASUS is focused like a laser" or some other terrible excuse. 1000 excuses to excuse ASUS from "isolated exceptional circumstances"? No thanks, ASUS has terrible support and we all know it...

Loss of 118 days? ASUS keeps quick-and-dirty fixing my machine and refusing to replace it, every 3 months it breaks and needs repair for a month. Impossible to use a machine for anything useful when you know it is a ticking timebomb. ASUS standard tactic seems to be to stall for time by layering layer over layer of support staff and having tons of dead-end hotlines and escalation emails and all kinds of crap, in the end every single person you talk to will claim not to have the power to do anything. After 2 years of fighting maybe you will get lucky and they will offer you the refund they are legally obligated to give you. Oh but it's out of warranty now so they retract their offer...

ASUS takes bad support to a whole new level, I wonder just how much money they save by having this ridiculous system...

06-24-2012, 09:14 PM
As the case is on going i wont make any comments untill it is finished THEN i will tell the whole story..
the only other comments i can make is 1: The laptops when they work are great. Its the support service that is well below the standard that i feel is acceptable. As has been said the back up team on this site is nothing short of incredible. Sadly though that doesnt solve the issues i have had.
2: If they give me a G75 as a way of saying sorry i will eat a hat AND post pictures of me eating it... it will never happen..

06-24-2012, 09:33 PM
Good luck mundee, I hope ASUS can learn a bit from this and maybe improve the system for everyone else too! (don't hold your breathe though...)

What kind of help did you get from Mason?

I contacted Marshall about my own problems but he basically said "The shop won't help you? I can't help you" Very disappointing after hearing stories of miracles to get brushed off lightly...

06-24-2012, 09:33 PM
Gorman .. "Honestly I have heard almost nothing but how bad ASUS support is.." This is because the flawlessly executed are rarely if Ever reported.

Each model in succession has been improved over the flaws of the past .. ie .. the power plug
issue of the G51's are but a painful memory to the G55's .. ect ..

I simply do not Have to be 'definitely wrong' for you to be clearly right. The effort of correcting the support issues is as clear to 'me' as what has happened to @mundee is wrong.
If 1000 no excuse excuses were made, if it were 10,000 you still would Never see the
100's of Millions that Never had issue. (Yes, 100's of Millions.)

Thank You for your Respected Opinion.c.

06-24-2012, 09:39 PM
If they give me a G75 as a way of saying sorry i will eat a hat AND post pictures of me eating it... it will never happen..

I could see ASUS sending you a G75... but I can also see it arriving at your door DOA....

06-24-2012, 09:45 PM
I could see ASUS sending you a G75... but I can also see it arriving at your door DOA....

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That would not surprise me one bit....

06-24-2012, 10:02 PM
I would sit down next to you with the salt while you ate that 'hat' and eat that G75 .. THAT would be the
GaFaw to end all Gaffs .... DOA .... hahahahahhahaa ... ok .. Ill keep the salt handy.c.

06-25-2012, 05:47 PM
If 1000 no excuse excuses were made, if it were 10,000 you still would Never see the
100's of Millions that Never had issue. (Yes, 100's of Millions.)
Even if only 1 person has to go through what mundee is going through, I think that is unacceptable.

But we know for a fact that mundee isn't the only one being screwed around, so even if 100's of millions are content, it really is just a gamble. Wouldn't it be great if ASUS just focused on these 'outstandingly terrible' cases instead of stonewalling them.

Whatever you say, I havn't heard of any other company behaving like this on such a huge scale...

06-26-2012, 06:56 PM
Today is Day 120 of my case with Asus UK. it only took 80 days for Phileas Fogg to go around the world. I think i may start charging them rent on my laptop they have had more use of it this year then i have. Although im told they havent actually repaired it.

06-27-2012, 12:29 AM
I think their tactic is to hold it until it runs out of warranty, the charge you $2000 to get it back from them.

06-28-2012, 08:08 PM
Hi everyone,

My google for exactly what "Waiting-[WF9] Wait for Customer Confirmation-NTF" means led me here through some twists and turns, and now I'm nervous.

Mundee sir - after reading though this you are a pillar of patience. No doubt.

Myself - well, mine doesn't look near as bad by comparison....not nearly.

All I can really say is that Asus RMA service isn't looking very good right now. I'd almost rather have my laptop back still artifacting on occasion than wait as long as you have.

I really hope you get some satisfaction mundee - you've earned it sir.

07-02-2012, 11:47 PM
126 days and it is finally over... Tomorrow i will write a FULL write up of exactly what has transpired i am also going to name and shame (i have already prewarned Asus that this is coming so mods please dont delete my thread.) Let me stress though. That this case is down to Asus UK and has nothing to do with any staff of Asus US who have been nothing but helpful during this case especially the godsend that is Mason@Asus. Im not going to do a write up tonight as im finally destressing due to everything that has gone on.. I would like to say one more thing though. I will not be eating a hat of any kind. Asus have not and never did offer me a shiney new laptop. They have given me only what they legally had to and nothing more.

07-03-2012, 04:05 AM