View Full Version : Need help on the subwoofer

Steven Zhang
01-23-2011, 06:51 PM
please ignore if i spelled subwoofer incorrect...

i just don't get who G73 series's speaker working, the Realtek doesn't show the subwoofer. but yet the THX Trustudio thing controls the how sound sounds like, too.

the subwoofer sounds great when i was playing games. but not so much when it comes to watch videos.

currently i am using k-lite codec with media player classic. somehow either the subwoofer is not working or it's my setup problem, the human voice has been reduced to a unhearable level. specially when i switch the THX Truestudio to ear phone mode, the human voice just simply disappeared.

that occured also when i watchs on youtube.

so is there any way to solve that problem?