View Full Version : G73jh-rbb05 screen border problem

05-10-2012, 05:42 AM
Hey all,

wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with their G73, basically the border of the screen, particularly the bottom has a higher contrast than the rest of the screen and is really bright, also flickers very slightly. Seems to be fine on an external display, so I'm suspecting something busted with the panel.

have already applied the vbios fix for this model ages ago due to the issue with the vertical lines and complete lockups when gaming.

strange thing is you can still clearly see everything on the screen so it's not like the pixels are dead. and not a driver issue since it happens from POST. only started a day or 2 ago.

Also if anyone knows, is the 1080P panel compatible with the best buy model which only has a 1600x900 display?
thinking if i have to replace the panel may as well get the better one.

Hope someone can help :'(