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05-11-2012, 05:47 AM
Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum. Awhile back I purchased a g72 and It gave me loads of trouble, had it sent back because of power port problems, motherboard problems, and disc problems. I was a little weary.. it wouldn't stop and I only had it for a year (didn't have it for a little over a couple months because of servicing) and they made me feel so much better when they gave me the option of a laptop that was around the price of my last (1200$). So I chose the G73SW, the best gaming laptop they had, I chose it because I have school, and needed a laptop but I wanted to game. Now I'm having trouble with this one. First I got a blue screen of death.. which went away without having to take back (I couldn't renew my black tie protection after the upgrade to the G73sw, limited funds) And I don't think they'll repair it without me shelling out my grocery money. Now I'm having power supply problems again and It never even moves. I've been really unsatisfied with it.. and I called support which said it was CID (Customer Induced Damage) and It doesn't move. Now I'm stuck with having to shell out more money I don't have for a laptop which I'm sure I'll get back and more problems will occur. I need some advice asap, It's under warranty with Asus but I'm frustrated and I don't have the time or funds just to ship it in. I loved the times I've had without the trouble, but it always comes back and pesters me. No I don't mistreat my computer, YES I take care of it as if it was my child.

05-11-2012, 09:39 AM
Hi @Sagegunner - Give us some more details about your child's power supply problems.

What are the symptoms?

What are you doing with your child when they occur?

Why is ASUS claiming they result from child abuse? Do you have to wiggle the power plug in the Jack to get it to supply power?