View Full Version : Please inset Deisk iin Drive E:

02-01-2011, 09:23 AM
Hi Hello I have the SAME Problem. " Please Insert the disk in to Drive E: " etc. I am using Windows 7. I just upgrade to Professional form Premium,
Now after i installed i am facing this problem.
Some DVD's and CD;s work. But some doesn't work and pop up the alert Please insert the Disk in Drive E"

Is their any Bug or some Windows Defender problem that causes some DVD's or CD;s not to read form DVD rom Drive.


02-01-2011, 05:30 PM
I think that your F82Q is only sold in India so the region code would match. Do you know that your disk is good?

02-02-2011, 05:39 AM
which product is this for?

02-02-2011, 05:09 PM
which product is this for?

I was able to find another post of his stating that this is a F82Q laptop. Best as I can tell it is only sold in India, so region encoding should not be an issue. I think maybe myzahoor has some bad CD-R media that doesn't work well with the drive in that laptop.

Here's his other post: