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02-02-2011, 07:01 PM
hey guys i have a g73jh a-2 500GB+500GB blah blah you know the deal.

had a problem in september, just randmly shut itself down and restarted and failed to recognize the harddisks. my roommate who's a techy got it working again somehow with like a kynoptics disk (dont ask how, but he did). put some monitoring software on it, called asus support and after running the ropes for like a week, reinstalled the OS when my manual reading rep said it was a windows error/fluke. like a day later before i had a chance to put the monitor back on, it shuts down. was too busy to call asus at the time (im a student), but put a bended sheet of metal underneath to make an airgap then the laptop ran fine for about a month and randomly shuts down while playing WoW, wouldnt turn back on right away, but we let it cool and started it later (sounds like overheating right?)

called asus and was told to system restore, which i replied back to what, i just reinstalled the OS. told me to update drivers. about 2 weeks later same thing. demanded an RMA and they wouldnt give me one and told me to update the BiOS from 209 to 211. two weeks later it did it again. 2 hour phone call gets me an RMA. wrote them over a full page describing all of this and how ive done some research and seems to be an overheating issue related to the GPU.

its been 21 business days now, still in "repairing" status. The supervisors wont talk to me and the reps "understand how frustrating this may be." after being escalated 3 times, i get an email saying that its gonna be 2 weeks while they wait for 2 parts, an LCD and VGA board.

1- whats up with the vague terms? what are they talking about?
2- from what i can determine, an LCD board is purely for my screen, which had no problems whatsoever.
3- how can a new VGA board cause that much overheating? i understand the graphics card puts out alot of heat but still. sounds like a GPU issue to me.
4- how does this explain the random harddisk failure wierd thing?

personally i think they have no idea, spitballed something, are going to replace it, and hope it lasts long enough for my warrenty to expire.

02-08-2011, 09:13 PM
Greets G73gamer, I'm in the same boat, my RMA has been "repairing" since January 7th. I'll try to answer some of the questions you have.

1 - examples please
2 - The LCD Board are you talking about the LCD inverter? This takes power from the system and gives the monitor usable power to light up the back light and operate the LCD Controls in the monitor itself
3 - The VGA board houses the GPU and dedicated video memory and gets VERY hot, the Bios 211 basically changes the speed the fans runs at when under load + the Video bios on the sticky help to alleviate the problems caused by overheating and other video related issues.
4 - The random failures could be numerous different things from heat causing issues with the SATA controller to issues directly with the hard drive which could be anything from a bad firmware on the drive to physical damage to major movement of the laptop while the hard drive was being accessed.

As for the "Repairing" I agree, they need to put updates in the notes field so we have some sort of update such as Waiting on Parts Eta = Blah

02-08-2011, 11:37 PM
I've dealt with Asus repair twice and I had never had any problems with them at all. Both times were 2 day turn arounds.

1. By Vague Terms I assume you mean them saying "understand how frustrating this may be" is a nessesary term for them to use for frustrated customers. While you can't assume they have any clue how you feel you also can't assume that since you don't know if they ever have. It's a standard Customer Service thing to say. They're trying to make you feel better.
2. I have no idea what an LCD board is. Pyro probably has it right.
3. VGA board is the GPU and can easily overheat if there is a problem with the cooling fan and/or the paste on the gpu itself. It, unfortunately, is a common failure.
4. With heat problems a lot of problems can arise. Either there's a problem with the mobo or it's a heat related issue.

It sounds like something major is wrong. After being a tech support agent for over 7 years I would highly recommend calling every other day to check up on the issue. Rarely do companies realize how much people use their computers (especially students). Keep on top of it or they will just ignore it till they get to it.