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di Valenti
05-18-2012, 05:02 AM
Greetings all, I hope that I can get some feedback on this, I need to make a decision in the near-term on a replacement offer for my defective G2S-A1.

It (G2S) has been in my possesion since late 2008, think I got it about Sep/Nov of that year, and it was fine for the first couple months, then about 6 months into it, it did the "black-screening"... needless to say, it just went in again here for the 9th RMA, about every three months in the last year the break-down was something like 2x times in 09, 2x in 10, 2x 11, and 3x in 12 - basically I get about 3-4 months of use before it died again... anyway...

I play EVE Online, that is the only game (well I did the beta for WoT, but that is about it)... I have 5 years in EVE, and they are if you are familar going to a V3 graphics, and maybe to tesselation down the way.

Now I was looking at running 64-bit Windows 7 (have that disk) and Ubuntu 12.04 on the next system along with EVE and I want to have EVE running in high as I used to... EVE is not that intensive for a game in 2012 terms, but it still does hit the older cards now...

I was offered a G71G-Q1 as replacement (I prob have a few days to make up my mind on it)... it's very RED... and the doors seem to be a bit of a concern to the reviewers... also there is the Quad-core running single thread apps (games), and it will be the 512MB 9800M version... the specs are def better than the G2S, but I am not familiar with this model, I was eyeing the G73 as a replacement.

Ok, so what I am asking.

1. I take the G71G-Q1 and say send it? is this going to be a good system? or will I have issues (directed at people that have owned/own this machine, and hopefully you play EVE).
2. Should I ask for something a bit higher end (73 say) as I have spent a good deal of time/money on the "lemon" G2 - each time in was on my dime, 30-in shipping and 20-in boxing it, and 2-3 weeks of downtime.
3. Open to other suggestions?

I could really use some input here, as I have to keep whatever I am going to do going for prob 1-2 more years before I can update it, and don't really want to hit a wall 3 months say from now when suddenly I am confronted with issues either in the machine itself or in running the few apps I am trying to keep going.

Thanks very much

05-18-2012, 12:29 PM
lol the g71 is very old...school my friend. you should be looking up the hill not down. look for G73/G74/G75. They are atm the most recent laptop on the market. of course, the G75 is the newest model of this year while G74 from last year . G73 is still recent for it's specs.

I wouldn't recommend G1 or g71, those are so old man!

05-22-2012, 01:39 AM
Ask for a G74. The computer is older, so I think that it is worthy recompence for the amount of hassle you have undergone over this system. Sad to hear, though, that you had a lemon, but hopefully ASUS will make it right. ASUS bigwigs, if you read this, remember that a few kind gestures will do wonder for your PR, not to mention your sales. Improve customer support a bit, and then you will be the #1 PC vendor.

Anyway, back to the issue of the computer, I think the G71 is way to old, but the G73 is pretty close to the G74. The G75 is brand-new, so I think that would be asking a little much. If they offer you the G73, take it immediately, that system is perfectly capable of gaming on high settings, based upon what I have heard/read on the internet. Best of luck to getting your issues resolved!

05-23-2012, 07:39 AM
I would get an MSI or a Sager. Just my 2 cents. Have not had any problems with my G53 but there is always the threat of the power button failure. The G74 has way too many issues for you to even consider. Even though i'm about to update my G53 to use SSD drives, One 90GB as a boot and a second 240GB as the main drive. It would be doubtful that i'd even fill up the dinosaur 500GB in here now. Plus I can use it as an external if
need be.

05-23-2012, 12:11 PM
Which G53 do you have, @mrmcgoo? I have the G53SX, and have had only one problem with it (USB 3.0). The USB 3.0 port keeps dropping my USB 3.0 external drive, but USB 2.0 devices work fine. I have never heard of power button failure on the G53, so will you clarify? With regards to the G74, I stand corrected (thank you!). I had forgotten about the issues that people were having with the system. Maybe ASUS will send you a G53SW/G53JW instead! :)

I guess you and I have different storage requirements. I have used up more than 300 GB, but that is because I run VM's, as well as have a multi-boot system. If you can afford two (2!) SSD's like @mrmcgoo, and don't need a lot of space, definitely consider it. External USB 2.0 enclosures are <$10, so you will not have to pay for a backup drive if you put the old platter drive in an enclosure.

05-23-2012, 01:40 PM
I would get an MSI or a Sager...
...The G74 has way too many issues for you to even consider...

The OP is being offered a G71G-Q1 as a replacement. His other option is to request for a G73 instead.
He didn't ask for any other notebook brands. Besides, are MSI and Sager notebooks issue-free?..

Regarding the G74, what hardware or software issues are they exactly? The calculator key?
A bitter pill to swallow, but it was there by design- albeit useless to most users.
(Should have placed a numlock key instead.) The stock Atheros Wi-Fi? A driver update would solve it.
There may have been lemons here and there, but a fully functional G74 can compete
with any other laptop in its class..

After a clean install with updated drivers minus most of the bloatwares, my G74 is the best piece
of laptop I've had so far, with no issues whatsoever.

05-23-2012, 09:20 PM
Nothing is issue free. Hell, I had the screen on my dell replaced 2x before replacing it with my ASUS. It is still running strong after 5 years of hard gaming. Yes that is the key word here ! FUNCTIONAL ! really ?? Hell , my FIAT was great when it was functional ! Ugh....

05-23-2012, 09:23 PM
Yeah. I agree, sort of like the guy at Microsoft who said that shipping your software product is a good feature...

05-23-2012, 09:57 PM
G53 power button failure page 117 of this forum http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?4494-New-G53SX-won-t-turn-on&country=&status=

05-23-2012, 10:53 PM
i am extremely happy with my G73, its a great laptop. the only problem ive ever had with it was having to upgrade the bios/vbios, but ive also had to upgrade the bios on my gf's g74 so no biggie as long as you use a usb disk instead of winflash.