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02-03-2011, 01:45 AM
Hi all.

Well, first of all, I didn't know how to describe my problem in just a few words for the title, so let me describe it a bit:

I was playing StarCraft 2 minimaps and after the game I was looking the scores. I turned around, watched TV for 5 minutes (max.), when I saw back to the screen, my laptop turned off. Or.. he was just off.
I tried turn in on again, but nothing happened, just the blue light under the screen was blinking and that's it.

I pulled everything out of the USB ports and tried again: nothing.

Pulled out the cable for the energy: nothing. And it was like the whole electronic freezed, because the light for charging was still lightning.

After I pulled pt the battery and put it back again, I was able to restart.

Now everything seems fine. But can someone tell me, what happened?


02-03-2011, 03:20 AM
Tough to say. Occasionally Windows computers have problems recovering from sleep so it may have gone into a dead sleep where you had to remove power to bring it back. I've also heard that the Starcraft menu screens can overdrive GPU's because there is no cap on the frame rate. I'm not sure if this problem has been fixed though.

02-03-2011, 06:51 AM
I prefer to disable sleep on my High Performance profiles so I know I can leave a system on and let it run when I give it an assignment that will take time or game playing.