View Full Version : Attention to all Asus NB Probe Users on their RoG Notebooks!

05-21-2012, 07:12 PM
Hi members,
By chance, i came across a very interesting I/O issue caused by Asus NB Probe. I'll try to explain and how i did, Here it goes:

1-If you have a real-time anti-virus / scanner like my Kaspersky Internet Security, enable "Log non-critical events" under Settings - Reports.

2=Start Asus NB Probe on startup by checking it on its main interface.

3-Reboot notebook. After desktop is loaded successfully, leave your computer IDLE, do nothing AND go to Kaspersky's Reports - Detailed Report.

4- In real-time reports section of KIS (or AV scanner of yours), sort "time" column as "descending" so you see the latest events happening.

5- Guess what! Asus NB Probe is being checked nearly in every second (maybe in 0.5 seconds) CONTINUOUSLY. Though it was checked by KIS (resulted "object was not changed", a kind of feature SmartScan), Asus NB Probe sequentially tries to access Windows Explorer as i investigated on reports page ENDLESSLY, infinite loop.

That means, it would cause a big I/O operation thus slow down, freeze, bigger caches. There are some other executable server modules like Nvidia's 3D Vision but they're not being checked and caused I/O request as much as NB Probe.

You can remove it from startup by msconfig or unchecking required checkbox in its interface.

Hope someone confirm it with their scanner or any I/O / resource checker.

Best regards!