View Full Version : Don't know what to do frustrated, advice .. or something :(

05-22-2012, 07:15 PM
Right so I'm beyond thinking straight right now, and I don't know what to do.. Here's whats going on..

Customer care has my laptop, and they are in the process of "trying to fix it" Here's what has been done so far..

Motherboard / Main board has been replaced 2 times now
VGA/GPU - replaced once (and they are waiting on another to come in to replace for a second time)
They've replaced the hdd twice now

Everytime they replace something, another issue pops up

Aaron said that if they find another issue that he's going to put in for a replacement for me, but that I would have to pay $200 for the replacement... (so wrong, especially since I would be getting the same spec's and model)

Mason has been wonderful, and has helped out loads

I keep getting conflicting stories from Aaron though, yesterday he told me that they replaced the motherboard, but that something else popped up, and now they had to replace the vga. He said yesterday that he would call me, he never called, so I called customer care. They told me that as far as they know that only the motherboard has been replaced, I asked to speak to Aaron and they told me he wasn't in.

I am really beyond words at this point, how many times can they replace the same parts, and keep getting the same things pop up over and over again... I don't know guess all I can do is wait this out, but if they do send me a refurb laptop whose to say I won't be doing this all over again..

advice? what would you guys do in my situation >??

(in the last two months i've had my laptop for less than 1 day if you go by hours )


05-22-2012, 07:50 PM
Damn that is poor customer care from the repair center :(

Not to nag or to be mean, but I would assume that Asus could save money on giving you a new notebook, than trying to fix it and a new issue pops up with new hardware in it.

I'm not sure how the policy work on the store you bought it from, but after three RMA's (here in Norway we can do this) you can complain about the purchase, and then get the money back from the store / get storecredit or change it into a new unit without having to pay to get a new unit.

I really hope that you soon will see a light in the end of the tunnel and get's a new unit without having to pay $200 for it :/

05-22-2012, 07:54 PM
I am on the asus warranty the store warranty has expired, everytime asus fix it they extend my warranty by 6 months. If they do send me a replacement unit it is going to be a refurbished unit.. which I seem very wary of given my present situation... I don't know what is going to happen hopefully Mason can help, and get this resolved. I am on a loner laptop from my work, and it is very under spec, I am having to compromise working at home doing what I can do .. All in all this is just becoming more redundant every day. Everytime I'm told something, something else happens.. Don't really know what to say or do right now just very frustrated :(