View Full Version : G74Sx Turbo Boost limiting problem

05-31-2012, 02:00 AM
Hello, recently i have been noticing my games and my computers overall performance was low. So i installed the turbo boost monitor, And for some reason Turbo Boost was limiting at 2.6 GHz, When it should be at the max.(2.9 GHz) My processor is the Intel i7 2630QM processor, its idle state is 2.0 GHz. I've checked all power options, everything is maxed out for performance. Any suggestions to fix this?

06-01-2012, 05:24 PM
This is normal. I have the same processor and it seldom reaches the peak of 2.9 GHz.
I am not sure if there is a way to keep it at 2.9 GHz...
So can't help you there. :D
(BIOS mods?) (just a guess)